Position Impossible?

Acrobatic Sex Positions – Taking Savvy to the Next Level

While old favourites like missionary and doggie style can be a ton of fun, sometimes it's good to mix things up. Try one of these more acrobatic twists to add a little spice. Take it slowly though, particularly if you're generally not very active – you don't want to throw your back out or pull a muscle. And after you're done, there's no harm in giving each other a thorough rub down...

The Wallflower

As the name suggests, you use the wall for support in this position. The woman stands side-on to the wall, raising the leg that's furthest away from it. The man then stands in between her thighs, angled so he is slightly facing both the wall and his partner, supporting the woman's raised leg with his hand – or she can wrap it around his thigh or hip. His thigh will rub against the woman's clit as he thrusts and she can press against the wall to push back and deepen penetration.

After you're done, there's no harm in giving each other a thorough rub down.

Prima Ballerina

If the Wallflower is a little too much of a stretch for you, Prima Ballerina is an easier standing sex position. The woman stands facing the wall, bending over to brace her arms against it and lifting one leg slightly. The man then slides in from behind, holding on to the woman's hips to help her balance, and thrusts away. Penetration is deep and the man has a more intimate view, which is sure to put a smile on his face.

L is for Loving

If you prefer a bed-based position, L is for Loving is simple but passionate. The woman lies on her back, raising one leg in the air as high as it will go. The man then kneels between her legs and slides inside, lifting her hips with his hands to make penetration easier. If the woman gets tired of raising her leg, she can rest it against the man's chest for support. This position offers deep penetration and easy access for the man to caress the woman and vice versa.