5 unbelievable tips for turning your festival tent into a romantic boudoir

If you’re heading to a festival this summer, make sure you’re primed for passion by following our ideas to help transform your tent into a romantic hideaway.

1.Camping comforts

Whilst you know not to expect too much glamour, a few little tricks can help turn your tent into a passion palace. Get a decent-sized tent (at least a three-man for the two of you) and choose one with air vents to prevent things getting uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Take a couple of real pillows with you (it’ll be worth it, we promise) and avoid slippery sleeping bags, which can make it difficult to get any grip when you need it. Finally, remember to pack lube and pleasure gel to keep things comfortable where it really matters.

2. Light the way

You’ll want to avoid fumbling around in the pitch black, and candles are obviously a no-no in your highly-flammable crash pad, so make sure you pack battery-operated lights and extra batteries to give a gentle glow once the sun has gone down. Remember, though, that while a little light may seem romantic, if you’re tightly packed into a campsite, thin canvas walls are perfect for casting shadows. Avoid putting on a show for others by hanging your lantern from the top of the tent (rather than at the side) to minimize shadows, or once you’ve succeeded in setting the mood, switch it off before the fun really begins.

3. The other O-word

We mean organization. While we’re not suggesting you run your love life like a military operation, nothing kills the passion of the moment like searching for a condom, or lube and pleasure gel. If your tent has inside pockets, use them, and if it doesn’t, make sure your supplies are all easy to find and close to hand. While a sexy outfit or elaborate underwear may sound like a shortcut to passion, when you find yourselves stripping off in a confined space, you’ll be far more thankful for easy- access clothes. Condoms are a must for festival flirtations – apart from the safe sex benefits they also reduce post-sex mess, meaning no wet patch to avoid in an already slightly-too-cozy tent.

4. Scents and sensibility

A lack of showers, the great outdoors and plenty of energetic dancing mean festivals require a little extra planning to keep things smelling sweet. Remember to pack antiperspirant wipes, baby wipes and deodorant to ensure you’re always prepared.

5. Sound it out

If you’re trying to stoke the flames of passion while a set is still going on and find you can’t hear each other, try using other senses to communicate. However, once it falls quiet outside you may have the opposite problem, and feel conscious that there are hundreds of other people within metres of your alfresco love nest. While having sex quietly can add to the fun, you may struggle to relax enough to let yourself really enjoy it and reach an orgasm. Music can help cover any moans and groans that escape to outside, which will allow you to let go a bit more, and you may also want to ditch the sex toys in favour of lube and pleasure gel, for a quieter way to get that intense, tingly sensation.