Better sex (for him)

Male stimulation can be pretty easy to get a grasp on for some, but some men may not know what they’re missing. With tips from Durex® you might be able to please your partner, and add a little extra something to your enjoyment of sex as well, which can all add up to better sex. Keep in mind that we’re all different, so have a conversation with your partner before you introduce anything new in the bedroom to find out if there’s anything he particularly dislikes, likes, or loves.


Visual – It’s no secret that men heighten their arousal through sight. (In fact, both sexes benefit from watching the action as it happens.) Focusing on positions where you can “put on a show” will help to set him off. Having sex near or in front of a mirror can add another dimension: you’ll both be able to look into each other’s eyes in any position, and you’ll both be able to see almost everything.

Physical – Every man has his favourite areas for stimulation. Some men like their ear lobes licked and tugged, while some may feel a little spark through the perineum, which you can stimulate with finger or thumb. Caress him, and don’t be afraid to explore places on his body that you wouldn’t normally try – like below the Adam’s apple, or along the ribs. Engage with your partner to discover new areas of intensity.

Verbal – Good communication could lead to better sex, and you’ll know when he’s feeling great if he’s making noise. Whether it be through moans, groans or speech, let him know you’re enjoying hearing him, and encourage him out of his shell. You’ll see a benefit too, as it will help draw you further into the mood.


With all that advice in mind, here are some positions to try (if you haven’t already):

Cowgirl– or “on top.” This gives him a great view of both your body and also what’s happening between you. You control the speed, and you can lean back for a little more tension.

Reverse cowgirl– A little more advanced, this time you face away from your partner.

Once you’ve blown his mind, you might be surprised to discover how quickly he wants to return the favour!