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Tips for ensuring that a holiday is the most romantic experience it can be.

As the holiday season is in full swing, there is nothing more exciting than planning a romantic get away with your other half. With the heat of the sun, tanned skin, a relaxed atmosphere and dedicated time just for the two of you, it’s the perfect excuse to have the romantic experience you need. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your holiday for two lives up to your expectations:

Take a break from sightseeing

While holidays are great for exploring new sights, make sure you don’t spend the entire trip venturing around the area and tiring yourselves out. A romantic break needs to be a nice mix of travelling around, but also relaxing and spending quality time together. Why not plan an early morning trip to a tourist hot spot so you have time to nap once back at the hotel before heading for an evening out? This will fuel your energy for the evening, meaning you’ll be able to concentrate on a fun evening together, and enjoy a late night together. It also means you can take it easy the next day and plan a lie in - more time to please your partner the night before

Take photos and reminisce

A romantic trip needs romantic memories, and these can easily be forgotten once the holiday is over. The selfie trend is in full swing so embrace it! Take cute snaps of the two of you during dreamy beach walks, fun actions shots in the pool (maybe consider a waterproof camera…) and ask anyone around i.e. waiters, reception staff and other holiday makers to take a photo of the two of you. These will be your favourite photos from the holiday, guaranteed.

Take a break from sightseeing

So this is not always seen as a ‘blokey’ activity, but whilst you are both whisked away on foreign shores, indulge in a spot of close cheek-to-cheek dancing to finish off your night out. No one you know is around and the whole fun of it is being totally useless, but it’s a nice time to bond and an excuse to get extra close in public, without being ‘too close’!

Be honeymooners

Even if you are not on honeymoon, just say yes when any reception staff or restaurants ask the question. Sometimes, they will assume you are, which can lead to upgrades of hotel suites and five star treatments. Whilst you are staying in another county, in another room and in another bed, you want your private time together to be as romantic and racy as possible. One of the benefits of sex is to indulge in this in totally new surroundings – so why not try and aim for the most luxurious surroundings possible? A four poster bed could be a whole new experience for the two of you!

Play in the sand

Sand can be a nuisance, but you don’t get to roll around in it or write sweet love notes back at home so embrace the moment. Enjoy each others company by just lying on the sand at a beautiful, peaceful beach. Write silly quotes into the sand, rub sand into each others skin and use it as an excuse to wash each other down later…

Have the most romantic of trips!


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A holiday with your loved one is almost an inevitability for any relationship. I mean, who doesn’t want to go abroad to somewhere a whole lot hotter (in more ways than one... if you get my drift). You’ll spend so much time thinking about it and of course planning it that you want to make sure it lives up to expectations. But then that’s the big question, how do you make sure it lives up to those expectations?  In short, stop worrying about it. If you’re worrying constantly about how to please your partner and make everything so perfect then it’s pretty unlikely it’ll happen that way. You know what they like already, you know them and you know both of you as a couple. You already know what will work and what won’t and the benefits of sex will just work along with that!

If you envision your holiday, you generally imagine a sandy beach, burning hot sun, palm trees, and your other half wearing a whole lot less. You get to spend time together and just relax, with no stresses at all… so don’t make any. It’s going to be a romantic experience whether or not you make any changes to what you’re doing. Going out for dinner and then taking an evening walk along the beach is something you’d just expect to do and of course that’s so romantic. Stop overthinking things and just get into it and let things play out and you’ll end up having a better time than you ever thought you could.


Whether your plan is to relax with massages and margaritas or you're seeking an adventure filled with hiking and sightseeing, a holiday with a partner should be dedicated to relaxing, reconnecting and enjoying spending a little quality time together. These are my tips for a perfect romantic getaway. 

It all starts with packing so maybe think about bringing along things that you wouldn't normally use for your everyday bedroom antics.


There's nothing like heated, scented oils to drive your partner wild. Rub some all over his / her back and thighs then massage all over with your slick hands.


Now ladies, let’s be honest, there’s only one thing your man wants on holiday… you! Wrap yourself up in suspenders and lace. He won't believe his luck and you’ll be swimming in brownie points for the rest of the year.


Whether its vibrators, rings or handcuffs, adding toys to your sexual mix will definitely serve to drive each other crazy. 

Fun activities

Splash out on a couples spa treatment for some indulgent alone time.

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