Christmas sex – the real present

Please your partner and make sure their – and your – Yuletide yearnings are satisfied this Christmas.

The weather may be cold, but your sex life should be hot, hot, hot at this time of year. Here’s how to have better sex and get temperatures soaring…

Mistletoe and (mulled) wine

Christmas is a time for loving and giving – and that means in the bedroom too.
Many people find the festive season brings out the naughtiness in them, whether it’s the tradition of mistletoe, romantic chilly days, or the effect of the party season.

Time off work to relax and an increased focus on the important things in life can also mean that relationships blossom at this time of year.

If you’re hoping for better sex as Christmas approaches, try making things fun and festive by using Christmas traditions to your advantage.
Get naughty under the Christmas tree, in front of an open fire, or take a break when giftwrapping and wrap (and then unwrap) each other.

Have a mistletoe in the house and if either of you stand under it, make sure you kiss each and every time.

You can also use the custom of sending Christmas cards to your advantage – don’t just sign the card, use it as an opportunity to write a romantic and sexy message to your partner and say the things you rarely get around to telling them the rest of the year.

Sexy seasonal suggestions

If you’re visiting family, make sure the holiday doesn’t slip away without you having any alone time.

Claim you’ve over-indulged and need to head off for an afternoon ‘nap’ and if you just can’t relax with Grandma in the next room, consider booking a hotel for one night to concentrate on the two of you for a while.

If you’re the ones playing host, send your visitors out to the shop for a few groceries while you indulge in a quickie.

You could get your partner a gift with a difference by giving them a sex toy (and the gift of better sex) – just make sure you have a good idea of what your partner is happy to try.

It’s best if you’ve talked about the subject first and know you’re both on the same page (and we’d advise they don’t unwrap it in front of the family).

Christmas is the perfect time for you both to make some sexy New Year’s resolutions. If you find it hard to talk, write down your ideas and let your partner read them, then talk the ideas through.

Reconnect your relationship

Many people will have some time off at Christmas, and this is a chance to really focus some attention on your relationship and reconnect.

Relax and try new things. Talk and spend time together outside of your normal routines and you’ll feel more connected and have a renewed sense of intimacy.

Although the festive season can become frantic and busy, it’s important to reserve some special time for yourselves and put each other first.

After the stresses and strains the year may have brought, make the most of your time together and keep things on track for a better relationship (and better sex) as you head into the New Year.