Discovering new sex positions

Sex might just be the oldest pastime in the book. In fact, over thousands of years, human beings have written pages and pages on the subject. It’s no wonder that when it comes to discovering new sex positions in the modern age, it can still feel like a challenge of epic proportions. Many couple go through the ups and downs of trying new things in the bedroom. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, how will you know when you’ve hit the jackpot? Here are a few territories you might want to think about, to get the conversation going.

Coming Closer

Both men and women often report that they want more intimacy in their sex lives. This is particularly true for partners in long-term relationships where it’s not uncommon for sex to become routine at times. Slowing things down and trying out positions that encourage eye contact and plenty of kissing is a great way to rekindle that closeness. Face-to-face positions like The Lotus and The Man Trap encourage slow rocking movements, and are great for slow, romantic sex.

Adding Sex Toys

Sex toys are not just for solo play, and there are plenty of positions that can leave your hands free to wander and introduce some thrilling vibrations. Take Spooning, for instance. To add a little extra buzz to this morning-sex favourite, gentlemen, why not reach down with the Durex Play Intense Bullet, perfect for introducing clitoral stimulation as you enjoy this slow-moving classic.

Longer Lasting Pleasure

It’s well known that men and women takes different amounts of time to reach orgasm, so looking for a position to delay the moment of climax for him is not uncommon. When it comes to positions for longer-lasting pleasure it often comes down to a combination of slower movements and shallow penetration.

Side by side positions are a great place to start for a shallow ride that won’t let him get carried away too quickly. And while the sitting position does allow deep penetration, it’s perfect for slowing things down as it doesn’t allow for intense thrusting. Bonus points? Both of these positions leave your hands free for clitoral stimulation, so if things get heated quickly, he can give her a helping hand.

If you want to go on for even longer, however, and feel these tips aren’t quite meeting your needs, the Durex Pleasure Ring is designed to give you both more intense pleasure for longer.

Let’s Get Physical

Looking to up the energy levels a bit? Here are some great positions for when you really feel like working up a sweat. Standing positions like the Upstanding Citizen require lots of upper-body strength from both partners. This positions is not only passionate, but great for deep penetration, and a fun way to transition from one move to another. For flexible lovers, why not also try the Butterfly, which involves the woman’s legs being draped over the man’s shoulders. This one has excellent penetration power, and can be modified to suit any room in the house!

Taking it Outside

Okay, so you might not be up for a naked picnic in the park, but that doesn’t mean that sex has to be confined to the bedroom. There are plenty of positions that lend themselves to a spontaneous tryst, some of which won’t even require you to take your clothes off! Two great ‘multi-surface’ positions are Edge of Heaven and Tight Squeeze, which are both great to try on the couch when movie night gets a little heated, or even on the kitchen counter if you get distracted over dinner. If you need a little wash-down afterwards, then the intimate Lotus position can also be used in the bath.

Sometimes it’s not easy to find the right words when it comes to talking about sex positions. If you and your partner don’t know where to start, try using these benchmarks as inspiration. Remember to keep an open mind as you experiment and an open line of communication, always.