Find your paradise!

Visiting new places and discovering different experiences is a sure-fire way of shaking up your sex life.

To help you discover your ultimate romantic holiday getaway, simply take our quick quiz below.

On holiday we like to…

A. Relax. A rotation between reading, sunbathing and sneaking a PDA in the sea is enough daytime activity for us.

B. Have an adventure. Going away is all about trying new things and broadening our minds, both in and out of the bedroom.

C. Look after ourselves. It’s the perfect time to focus on our well-being and each other, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

D. Party. We work hard and like to play hard too, which usually means starting at the airport.


When packing we make sure that we have room for…

A. A selection of pleasure gels - tingling, warming, flavoured. We like variety and experiment with a different sensation each night.

B. Plenty of condoms. We often travel to places where they’re not easy to find and it’s important for us to have contraception.

C. Massage lotion. There’s nothing quite like starting the night with a sensual massage.

D. Toys. It’s exciting to experiment with new sensations and we like to have a couple of cheeky surprises in store for each other.


When we arrive at our hotel room, we hope to find…

A. A beautiful four-poster bed - the bigger the better.

B. A guide to the local area full of inspiring ideas.

C. A roll top bath big enough for two.

D. Speakers and a balcony to dance on.


When it comes to a romantic evening, our idea of paradise is…

A. An intimate candlelit picnic for two on a deserted beach.

B. A night-cruise through the jungle, spotting rare wildlife.

C. A couple of relaxing spa treatments and an early night.

D. Drinking cocktails and dancing the night away at a club.



Mostly As

You look forward to a holiday where you can relax and reconnect with your partner. Your ideal destination would be a deserted beach in Fiji – you’ll spend lazy days unwinding on the white sand and enjoying plenty of romance.

Mostly Bs

You have a long list of destinations you wish to visit, so it’s no surprise that nothing turns you on more than trying something new. Your sense of adventure suits an exotic trip to a far-flung destination – a tree house in Bali should do the trick.

Mostly Cs

Health and fitness are your main priorities so a week of practicing yoga, sipping green juices and lots of early nights is your idea of bliss. Why not book into a health retreat in the South of France for a bit of R&R with your loved one?

Mostly Ds

If you’re the first (and last) one on the dance floor and a seasoned Ibiza fan, then try swapping your villa for a tent and head to one of Croatia’s music festivals. You and your partner can party until the sun comes up.