Summer Fling or The Real Thing? Here are the signs it’s meant to last 

Summer was made for sex. Not only do we spend more time outside, where the sun has a chance to lift our moods and warm our bodies, we’re often traveling on vacation to exciting new locations, which can give us a whole new energetic outlook. 

It’s no wonder so many people find themselves in flirtatious encounters during the summer that can lead to enjoyable, casual summer sex. Whether you love the briefness of a summer fling or you’re hoping for something more solid, it’s important to know how to recognize the signs your summer fling is set for the long haul.

What is a summer fling, anyway?

It’s passionate, playful and sometimes the first step toward a long term relationship. But, at its heart, a summer fling is a brief romantic or sexual encounter between two or more people that usually ends as quickly as it started.

A man and a woman show the definition of a fling with their big smiles and casual energy.

How to have a summer fling

Get in touch with your body! Society bombards us with messages about bikini-bodies, “summer-ready abs”, and other ridiculous limitations on who and what is sexy during summer. Spoiler alert! “Hot girl summer” is for everyone and anyone so make summer sexiness whatever you want it to be!

The first step is learning what you like, so that when you do meet a partner, you know what turns you on (and have an idea of what might turn them on, too). Enjoy our Intense Bullet for intimate you-time to rev up your summer energy.

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Once you feel ready to share a beach blanket, step outside to see all the ways summer invites you to connect with other people looking for a fast romance. Not sure how to start meeting someone? There are dozens of dating apps to help you break the ice so you can make a quick but meaningful connection.

The top signs your summer fling will last.

You did it! Your date was a success and your summer fling is officially on! It’s hot, it’s exciting but...will it last? How can you really tell the difference between a fling and a potential relationship? Here are some of the top signs to look for that mean you’re on the road to a long-term romance.

A young couple takes a selfie while eating ice cream on a sunny day showing that yes, flings are good!

You can’t stop thinking about your partner.

Summer flings are intense, so it makes sense that your new lover is occupying your thoughts. If you find yourself completely distracted by them, though, even if you just saw them two minutes ago, it may be a clue you’re yearning for something more.

They text you back right away.

Physical chemistry is so important, but it’s often the other parts of a relationship, like humour and kindness, that keep you coming back for more. Staying up all night texting each other (or really just getting an immediate positive response to the messages you send, whatever that looks like for you) could indicate you’re forming a deeper connection.

You keep talking about the future.

You could be on the track toward a longer term hangout if you and your partner start talking about what you’ll be doing together at the end of summer. Is it 30 degrees outside and you’re discussing plans for Christmas? That may be a sign your casual fling is turning into a relationship.

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Men lay together on the grass with arms entwined. There’s not always a big difference between a fling and a relationship.

Getting over a fling - what to do if it isn’t meant to be. 

Maybe the signs were there and you missed them, or it was obvious from the start that your romance was not meant to last long. Either way, if you’re bummed that your fling didn’t end the way you wanted, try to focus on what went right. Just because your passion isn’t eternal, doesn’t mean the pleasure you and your partner experienced wasn’t a positive part of the summer. 

When you’re ready to get adventurous again, you can invoke the sensations of a summer fling with our tropical condoms in fruity flavours! The fastest way to bounce back is to have an early-autumn affair or mid-winter romp so you can enjoy summer fling vibes all year long. Live in the moment, and don’t get bogged down by expectations.