The road to better sex

Durex Pleasure Ring. It’s the ring that gives you pleasure. But how exactly does it work, and how could it send you and your partner to unmapped territories of sexual pleasure? What differentiates the Pleasure Ring from other sex toys? Durex is here to answer these burning questions and show how the Pleasure Ring helps to provide a more intense pleasure for both of you.

Good Sex or Great Sex?

In a survey commissioned by Durex in December 2015 in the UK, only a third (32%) of respondents described their sex life as ‘good’. Even fewer described it as ‘great’, with only 15% of respondents saying this.[1] Looking at the results, it’s clear that there are a lot of couples out there yearning for better sex.

Spicing things up in the bedroom can come in many forms. Durex Pleasure Ring is designed to give you intense pleasure for longer, which could be just what you need to propel your sex life to mind-blowing levels.

How does Durex Pleasure Ring work?

Very simply and very effectively, actually. Placed around the base of an erect penis, the Pleasure Ring can help give the man a stronger and firmer erection. Since the ring can maximize hardness for longer, it means the pleasure can be tremendously intensified for both partners.

What differs the Pleasure Ring from other cock rings?

The Pleasure Ring is made from super stretchy and soft rubber, which fits easily around the base of the penis. Unlike some other cock rings, the Pleasure Ring needs no batteries and can be used up to six times. It’s also very discreet; perfect to slip into your partner’s hand while the action is heating up.

Is it suitable to use with Durex condoms?

Why not even pair it with Durex Invisible, which are condoms designed to be extra thin to maximize sensitivity.

Can I use the Pleasure Ring with other Durex sex toys?

One thing that’s certain about the Pleasure Ring – it’s hands-free! Meaning there are lots of ways you can keep those wandering hands busy, including adding a vibration or two. For extra stimulation for her, why not try out one of our hand-held sex toys? The Durex Intense Bullet massager is the perfect tool to slowly massage and tease your partner. Timed correctly, the two together can join forces to offer you and your partner a sensual serving like no other.

For mind-blowing sex that has the potential of completely transforming your sexual dynamics, give the Pleasure Ring a try. Like all our sex toys, the Pleasure Ring is safe to use with Durex condoms and water-based lubes, for a smooth glide and the peace of mind that comes from safe sex.

[1] Durex Pleasure Ring survey, 2,000 UK adults aged 18-55, December 2015