The sex toys of heroes

We all love a hero. Someone who saves the day. Superman, Wonder Woman; they always ensure a happy ending. But what about you? Can you ensure a happy ending to your action-packed bedroom fantasy? Durex is here to help you say yes, you can! Armed with one of our legendary sex toys, who knows what super-powers you will develop. Read on for the Durex guide to the Sex Toys of Heroes, and their legacy as written in the stars.  

Durex Pleasure Ring

For centuries, rings have been a symbol of a couple’s strength and endurance, and this ring is no different. But this one has a powerful pleasure-factor. The Durex Pleasure Ring is designed to help provide more intense pleasure for both, taking your sexual adventures to mind-blowing levels. Designed to maximize hardness for longer, it could make him as strong as an ox and leave both of you quivering in pleasure. Simply place the ring at the base of the penis to provide a comfortable fit. Super stretchy and discrete, it can be used with or without a condom. If you’re feeling fearless in your condom-choice, use Durex Performax Mutual Climax, ribbed & dotted, with delay lubricant, designed to speed her up and slow him down. [2]

With 70% of lovers saying that the intensity of sex is either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to them[3], it is clear that intensity is at the top of many people’s lists when it comes to having great sex. Another way to add intensity is to try ‘edging’, where you regularly pause your movements for a heartbeat before carrying on. This not only builds up anticipation, but it also allows more blood to flow, giving a more intense orgasm.[4] Equipped with the Pleasure Ring, this will be one marathon that may leave you both satisfied.

Durex Intense Bullet

Everyone loves a good hero-story, especially one with a twist. If you feel like adding a sexy twist to your bedroom narrative, why not try out the Durex Intense Bullet, with whisper-quiet, yet powerful vibrations? Ladies, if it’s a solo performance you’re yearning for, then this magic wand is perfect for caressing your nipples, clitoris or labia for some stimulation. Who said action flicks were just for boys?

While the Intense Bullet is designed with the woman’s body in mind, there are endless ways you can get creative and treat each other to an intimate massage. If you’re playing around with your special sidekick, the Intense Bullet’s pointed tip is perfect to pin-point stimulation of the back, or areas lower down the body. To really send yourselves to outer-space, trying using the vibrator in combination with Durex Play Pleasure Gels and Lubricants. A heroic sexual adventure of epic proportions awaits!


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