Three ultimate in-tents sex positions

For some people, being at one with the great outdoors is the ultimate aphrodisiac. For others, the thought of sleeping in a cramped tent doesn’t get the juices flowing. However, we have the best sex positions and ultimate tips to ensure your foray into nature is as comfortable, sexy and passionate experience as possible.

Obviously, space can be an issue when camping, so if you want to avoid being tangled in tent poles and canvas, try sex positions with small and controlled movements. Here are three to explore:

1. Spooning

This sex position is perfect when space is at a premium. Both lie on your sides, with the man entering the woman from behind. Movements are controlled and the romance factor is upped by the closeness. It’s ideal for when you’re zipped into a double sleeping bag.

2. Missionary

This is another great sex position for when swinging from the chandeliers isn’t an option. As the ground can be hard and unforgiving when you’re camping, try placing a pillow under her bum – this makes things more comfortable, and pushes her pelvis up towards her partner’s, meaning more direct clitoral contact (and making an orgasm far more likely).

3. Lazy doggy

Maintaining all the excitement of rear entry, but keeping things slower and smoother, the lazy doggy is another great bet when you’re short of space. Simply modify doggy style by lying down once you’re in position, and focus on small, shallow movements.

The perfect position

It’s not just the right sex position you need to nail – pitching your tent in the right place is just as important. For ultimate romance, make the most of what nature has to offer - views of the sunset, stars, or the sound of waves crashing can all help create the right mood. Choose a spot that’s in a quiet corner, and pitch your tent so the door faces a view and not the beaten track of other campers. If your spot is still within view and earshot of other campers, bear this in mind when you’re getting busy. Mood lighting may seem romantic, but it can lead to you putting on a shadow show, and the sounds of moans, groans and sex toys can travel surprisingly well when other noises die down.

Get comfy

A few simple touches can transform your tent from basic to boudoir. Opt for a tent with as much space as possible, take some fluffy pillows with you, and bear in mind that airbeds can be tricky – particularly where sex is concerned. Try foam yoga mats or thick blankets as a more practical alternative. Get organized so you can find the things you need, such as condoms (a must to prevent sleeping in a wet patch). Finally, unless you’re keen hikers, find somewhere near to the car as lugging your gear too far may exhaust you!