What do lubes & pleasure gels feel like?

If you’ve always thought lube and pleasure gel were only for people who suffer from dryness, you’ve been missing out on a whole world of sexual sensations. While they’re excellent at moistening things ready for the big event, they can also make sex a more intense, sensual experience.

More and more couples are now using lube and pleasure gel simply because it increases their enjoyment of sex. A University study of over 2,000 women found that lubricant use during sexual activity alone or with a partner led to higher levels of pleasurable and more satisfying sex. And it’s not just the girls who benefit – men, women, solo or in a couple, there’s a product that can enhance pleasure.

What are lube and pleasure gel made of?

Lubricants and gels can be made from water, oil or silicone. As oil-based products can cause the latex in condoms to deteriorate, you’re best sticking to silicone or water-based ones. Silicone based lubricants such as Durex Play® Tingling are popular as they don’t dry out quickly and last longer than water-based alternatives. Water-based lubes such as Durex Play® More are easily washed off, aren’t sticky and are compatible to use with Durex condoms.

How they can help

The saying ‘wetter is better’ is true when it comes to sex. Lube and pleasure gel help minimize the chances of feeling sore, chafed and uncomfortable, but a new generation of gels offer additional benefits too. From warming or tingling to orgasm-enhancing (yes, really), there are plenty to sample.

Try them out on yourself first (all in the name of research, naturally), then suggest your favourites to your partner as an exciting addition to your bedroom antics. If you’re worried about suggesting a lubricant, explain that it’s not because anything is wrong, it’s simply because you want to try something new that can enhance pleasure. Even if you’re used to using a lubricant, sampling a gel with an extra kick to it can ramp up the excitement and lead you to a whole world of new sensations.

For example, intimate gels such as Durex Play® Warmer can be used anywhere on the body. That means no awkward pause while you swap products if a back rub leads to something more, and no need to panic if the massage oil comes into contact with the condom, as they’re safe to use together.

What do lube and pleasure gel feel like?

Well, it depends which product you try, but most give you a fabulously slippery sensation. There are lots of different flavoured ones that can be used as a normal lubricant, or to give a tasty treat when licking body parts. Warming gels such as Durex Play Warming give you a gentle warmth that stimulates any areas you apply it to. Whereas Durex Play® Tingling creates sensations by warming, cooling and tingling, while still being gentle on your intimate areas.