Want to discover self dating during the pandemic? In a weird way, now is the perfect time for learning to love yourself. So, we’ve put together some tips on how to practice self love, meditation and exploring your sexuality.

It’s a strange time for everyone, but being single and home alone doesn’t have to feel lonely. Yes, it’s important to virtually reach out to the people around you during self-isolation to fight the loneliness - but why not also focus on learning to love yourself? The dating scene may have changed these past few months, but there’s plenty you can do while waiting to delve back into the world of face-to-face dating. In fact, there's one person you can date at home right now, and we think you’ll like them!

Yes, we’re talking about self dating. If you find yourself with spare time on your hands, why not try it? Practicing self love can not only help you discover what you need for yourself, but also what you want from your relationship and sexual partner. Think of it this way: “If I start loving myself, I’ll be able to love others even more”.

‘Date yourself’ date night

Date night isn’t just for going out – it can also be for self pleasure. So, plan a perfect date night in with yourself. From your usual getting ready routine, to cooking a fancy meal and watching your favourite movie, you’re in the driver’s seat – and you can end the perfect evening with some ‘me time’. Set some mood lighting. Add music. And find the right atmosphere - whether that’s in the bath or in your bedroom, then grab some Durex Real Feel Pleasure Gel and end the evening on a high note.

Love yourself first

Self love is the motto for everyone. Take the time to work on the hobbies you never have time for or learn that skill you’ve been itching to try out. You can also use this time to do the tasks you would usually do for others, for yourself; whether that’s cooking up your favourite breakfast in bed, treating yourself to a bunch of flowers, or setting aside some time for self pleasure.

Discover the joys of DIY

Now’s the time to explore your sexual side. With more alone time to spare, you can enjoy some quality ‘me time’ and rediscover your own body. Whether you’re reaching for your favourite vibrator (we suggest the Durex Intense Bullet) or some Durex Real Feel Pleasure Gel, it’s a great way to learn what feels good to you. Knowing how to please yourself is the best way to help guide future sexual partners – so think of self love and self pleasure as long-term investments in yourself!

The art of meditation

Practicing self love is easier without distractions. Put the technology aside, turn off the TV and enjoy some silence. Alone time gives you the space to clear your mind and mediate on what you really want out of life. That doesn’t have to mean answering life’s big questions (remember that dating yourself should be fun!) - so just take a step back and review your emotions, analyze past relationships, and figure out where you want your future relationship to go. It’s about understanding what you did and didn’t enjoy about previous experiences, embracing yourself, and getting ready to try something different in the future.

Get to know yourself

Learning to love yourself doesn’t happen overnight. But all healthy relationships start with good communication, and that includes connecting with yourself. There’s no reason to be embarrassed by your sexual desires. Spending time alone is the perfect time to discover what you like to do. Be open and honest about what you enjoy. Come out of your sexual shell and masturbate, or try some different sex toys and lubes. It’s a valuable practice, and could help you discover what you do and don’t like with future sexual partners, too. After all, it’s so important to start loving yourself before you love others.

The art of flattery

Compliments are easy to give and hard to accept, especially when it comes to complimenting ourselves -- but it’s a great and easy way to start practicing self love. Use this time to celebrate all the things everyone else loves about you, and learn to love yourself just as much. Own the confidence boost and really start embracing yourself in an honest way. There might be some great things you love about yourself that others may have overlooked. Write ‘I have done lists’ rather than ‘to-do lists’ and increase your sense of accomplishment or send yourself a love letter celebrating your best features. Pay it forward by sharing what you value most about your friends and family with them as well.

Our everyday lives don’t always give us the opportunity to spend time on our own and discover what we want and like. While you have it, take this moment to explore your sexuality and start practicing self love. Dating yourself can help you discover the things in life that make you happy, and being on your own doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely. When you’ve had enough time on your own, reach out to your friends and family. There are a multitude of platforms out there you can use to connect. Whatever you choose, have fun -- you deserve it! And always remember: self love is the best love.


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