Piercer wearing medical gloves showing their client a variety of vaginal piercing jewellery options.

Genital Piercing Pleasure: Is It For You?

Have you ever wanted to get a little more metal? Introducing the phenomenon of genital piercings: the delicate adornments that can raise eyebrows and potentially prompt some arousal. But are they just a passing fad embraced by a counter-cultural movement of people? Or can they be a daring or permanent fixture of adult self-expression?

Unveil the jewels that lie within as the pros, cons, and everything in between will be detailed. Consider this the candid exploration of what happens when you mix body art with the most intimate of canvases: your genitalia. Nothing feels better than life imitating art.

Exploring Genital Piercings

Piercer wearing black medical gloves using a sharp tool to tune vaginal piercing jewellery.

You may consider genital piercings the bridge between fashion and friskiness, as there’s truly an art and science behind the bold move when it comes down to it. Take a moment to unpack the benefits and the disadvantages of such intimate piercings so you can better gauge if this extremity is up your alley. Daredevils and body artists to the front of the line.

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The Draw To Penis And Vaginal Piercings

A up-close display of genital piercing jewellery.

Why would anyone want to pierce their most precious part of the body?”, you may ask. Well, as is the case with all forms of art, penis piercings and vaginal piercings are definite ways to express yourself while directly correlating with sex life. But how do the aesthetics of this practice meet the charges of sexuality? These piercings can lead to awakening sensations – particularly in sexual enhancement and orgasms. It’s not all jewellery-based. More on that later.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but vaginal piercings are in the running. A barbell, curved barbell, or captive ring are all applicable types of jewellery for a vaginal genital piercing, while a circular barbell, captive bead ring, and straight barbell are the options for a penis piercing.

The Pros And Cons Of Vaginal Piercings

Piercer wearing a medical mask and blue medical gloves holding a sharp object as their client lays back in a chair behind them.

Vaginal piercings can take the form of:

All vaginal piercings have slight location differences and vary in sensations. They’re typically done with a 12-to-16 gauge needle after the area is thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic. Pros include sexual sensation-building (when rubbed or played with) and the freedom to reclaim or fully own your bodily autonomy. The risks can include:

  • Pain upon piercing
  • Bleeding
  • Skin infection
  • Allergic reaction to metal
  • Tearing
  • Scar tissue (keloids)

It’s always a good idea to do your research and seek a trusted shop beforehand, as well as choose stainless steel, niobium, or titanium jewellery to help reduce your risk of complications. Take great care after the fact by allowing prime healing time (a few weeks up to a few months), following your piercer’s post-piercing instructions, wearing loose-fitting underwear and pants, avoiding touching it until healing is finished, withdrawing from sex for at least 2 weeks, avoiding bodies of water for at least 2 weeks, and always thoroughly washing your hands before touching the pierced area.

The Pros And Cons Of Penis Piercings

Steel bin of multiple genital jewellery.

The types of penis piercings can include:

  • Deep shaft (down shaft towards base)
  • Lorum (where shaft base meets scrotum)
  • Pubic (area around base of penis)
  • Foreskin (where foreskin covers glans)
  • King’s crown (ridge at the base of head)
  • Prince Albert (goes in through the urethra and out through bottom of penis shaft)

The jewellery can be inserted into the glans, tip or head, foreskin (if uncircumcised), the shaft, or the scrotum. The pros can include increased pleasure, particularly if the penis piercing is located within the glans or shaft. It can make oral sex, masturbation, and penetrative moments all the more merry.

On the flipside, there are some cons associated with these piercings. They’re not limited to:

  • Infections from the piercing job
  • Potential for increased risk of STIs
  • Tissues rejecting the initial piercing
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Injury of your partner’s genitalia during penetration

Penis piercings take typically 3 months to heal, but contact your piercer or seek medical attention if you start to see yellow or green pus, feel like your skin is burning up, or get a fever soon after the job is done.

In terms of aftercare, remember to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water before touching down to the pierced spot, make sure your penis is properly dried after it’s lightly rinsed, avoid it from getting wet in the shower before healing is complete, refrain from sex or masturbation until the initial swelling or pain goes away, and not use alcohol-based rinses to clean the area. More precautions are found here.

Can You Use Condoms With A Penis Piercing?

Two hands holding the edges of a shiny silver Durex condom wrapper in bed.

Depending on where the piercing is located, condoms can be safe to use with a penis piercing. However, the jewellery could puncture the condom rendering the protection unsafe and damaged. It’s recommended to ask your piercer for expert tips as it might be suggested you’ll need to remove the piercing while having oral or penetrative sex with a condom on (so protection is still in place). You wouldn’t want to play the role of an unexpected parent or someone exposed to the risks of STIs.

One role you may want to play, however, is that of a doctor or a patient. Find out all about this in 5 Reasons To Introduce Role-Play Into Your Relationship.

That Was… Painless?

Collection of genital piercing jewellery in a multitude of colours.

Now that you’ve explored the most intimate piercings in all their glory, it’s up to you whether or not this jab in the nether region is your calling. Don’t forget the ultimate climax – these tiny, shiny embellishments can ignite fireworks in the bedroom. Whether you’re team VCH or King’s Crown, or just an innocent reader with no intention of taking this leap, here’s to celebrating the art of self-expression and pleasure, safely!


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.


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