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6 Important Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships don’t just happen by chance, and it all starts with being honest with yourself. It’s natural to wonder if you’re with the “right” person, and ultimately, only you can answer that question. But there are some telltale signs of a healthy relationship that you should be looking out for...

Removing yourself from the situation and evaluating the relationship as if you were a neutral observer (or maybe your not-so-neutral best friend) is a great exercise in self-care, and it might help reveal the elusive relationship advice you’ve been looking for.

So what does a healthy relationship look like? It’s different for everyone, but these indicators are a great place to start:

1. They bring you up instead of putting you down

Nobody wants to be in a toxic relationship. Not when it comes to friends, work, and definitely not when it comes to your romantic partner. If you’re together long-term, things are definitely going to get a little hairy at times — and when the going gets tough, you deserve someone who’s willing to step up and support you.

Ask yourself: does your partner encourage you to overcome your struggles? Or do they make you feel like you’re destined to fail? It may sound like a cliche, but finding someone who brings out the best in you is what makes a relationship healthy in the long-run.

2. You can laugh with (and sometimes, at) each other

Don’t get us wrong — we love the bold, smouldering sparks and intense romantic energy that comes with new relationships. But if you’re trying to find your forever partner, you should feel comfortable letting loose around one another.

Do you make each other laugh every day? Does the way they treat you put a smile on your face? Those dopamine rushes may fade over time, but being able to laugh at life together is a sure-fire sign that you’re developing healthy relationships together.

3. You communicate openly about sex

Transparency is one of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship, and it’s especially important when it comes to the bedroom. Without proper communication around your curiosities, kinks, turn-ons and turn-offs, there’s a good chance at least one of you will feel unfulfilled in your sex life.

Are you able to openly discuss these topics without fear of judgement? Do you feel comfortable sharing a sexual fantasy you’re dying to fulfill? If the answer is yes, you’re in a great place. In the words of sexpert Emily More, “communication is the best lubrication” — followed closely by our range of Durex lubricants, of course. We suggest applying both liberally for maximum pleasure.

4. You’re willing to try new things for each other

If you’re wondering how to keep your relationship exciting, we’ve got three words for you: try something new. Whether that’s a sexual fantasy you’ve always been too embarrassed to act out, or just a weekend hobby that your partner would love to have you be a part of. If you and your partner are regularly willing to explore new things outside your respective comfort zones, the sparks will never stop flying.

5. You split up the responsibilities

Sorry for stating the obvious, but being grown up is, like, a lot of work. There are bills to pay. Laundry to sort. Meals to plan (so many meals!). And if you’re married or living with children, those commitments tend to become even more time-consuming.

If you’re wondering how to build a stronger relationship with your spouse, just remember: teamwork makes the dream work. If you’re both willing to divide and conquer daily responsibilities around the house, it’s a great sign that your bond is strong.

6. You respect each others’ boundaries

Whether that’s a little bit of alone time each day, or moving the relationship forward at a pace that’s comfortable for both parties. Respecting boundaries is also extremely important when it comes to sex — starting with always using condoms to keep each other protected. Feeling safe, relaxed, and never pressured into doing something you don’t want to try sexually are all hallmark signs of a healthy relationship.


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