Why should I use Durex?

Here at Durex, we believe good sex should be for everyone. We understand the importance of first kisses, owning your sexuality, knowing what you’re doing, and being equal. With over 90 years of experience, Durex boasts a range of products including condoms, lubes and sex toys designed for performance. Through electronic and dermatological tests, Durex exceeds worldwide quality standards so everyone everywhere is free to enjoy sex. Need another reason to choose Durex? We’re constantly innovating and improving our products because we know that real sex, is good sex – and nothing feels better than that.

What quality tests do Durex condoms go through?

Every Durex condom is electronically tested to ensure it's up to the job. Here’s how:

After measuring thickness and length, samples go through the air inflation test to check for burst strength and elasticity (typically a Durex condom can hold 40 liters of air without bursting). Water leak testing is also carried out. A random sample of condoms is also taken from each batch for more rigorous quality tests. Sample condoms are filled with water - suspended for one minute and rolled on blotting paper which shows up any leakage. Approximately two million water tests are carried out every month in Durex factories. If the sample fails any of the tests, the whole batch is rejected.

What quality standards do Durex condoms meet?

Durex condoms set the quality standard around the world, by meeting or exceeding all national and international standards.

Look for the Durex Quality symbol on our products, which demonstrates our commitment to going above and beyond regulatory standards.

For example:

The international standard for the air burst test is for the condom to contain 18 liters of air. But we require 22 liters. Typically, a Durex condom will expand to contain 40 liters of air.

Are thinner condoms more likely to break?

No. The thickness of the condom doesn't necessarily correspond to how easily it breaks.

Can I use flavoured condoms for both oral and vaginal sex?

Durex flavoured condoms are intended primarily for penetrative sex. However, if you choose to use them in oral sex, the lubricant is safe if ingested. We recommend if used in oral sex that a new condom be used for vaginal sex.

Is it safe to use condoms underwater or in a shower?

There has been no research into the performance of condoms when they are used in or underwater. The risk of slippage, for example, might increase when used in such circumstances. Though the salt in seawater would not have adverse effects on condom materials, there is a strong possibility that the chemicals used in swimming pools (chlorine and ozone, for example) would. The presence of bath oils or other substances in the water or applied in the shower may have an adverse effect on the properties of the latex condom material.

Can I use condoms for anal sex?

Yes! There are currently no specific standards for the manufacturing of condoms for anal sex. For anal sex in particular, application of additional water-based or silicone-based lubricants to the outside of the condom once donned is recommended to help reduce the risk of breakage or slippage of the condom. Please make sure to read and follow the product label to check if each condom is safe for anal sex.

When do Durex Condoms expire?

Always check the condom packaging or the individual condom foil for the expiration date. Be sure to always use condoms prior to the date listed.

Why should I use lube?

Durex lubes and gels are designed to bring smoothness and extra stimulation to your sessions. With a range of flavoured, water-based and silicone-based lubes, there’s a product for everyone. Always read the instruction manual on the lube packaging to check for condom compatibility.

If a woman isn’t adequately lubricated does it mean that she’s not turned on?

No. There are plenty of reasons why a woman might experience dryness including stress, post-partum, and changes in hormone levels. Using a lube can help turn her excitement into fun, stimulating pleasure. Be sure to read which lubes help ease vaginal dryness as well.

Where on the body can lubes be used?

Everywhere and anywhere on the body, however we don’t recommend using Durex Tingling Lubricant* for anal sex as some people can experience slightly stronger sensations than others. Durex lubes** are dermatologically tested so you can focus on pleasure.

Durex Play lubes are safe to consume, however we don’t recommend ingesting it on purpose. Please read and follow the product label.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.
**Use as directed. This is not a contraceptive, doesn’t contain spermicide and may slow sperm down. Avoid contact with eyes, broken skin or wounds. If you experience irritation, stop use. Consult a doctor if irritation continues, you may experience persistent vaginal dryness, are pregnant or breast-feeding. Keep out of the reach of children.

Can you use lube with the Intense Bullet?

Many people find using lube with the Intense Bullet a real revelation. It lets the Intense Bullet vibrator glide over the body - easily giving a more intense feeling. However, it is only compatible with water-based lubes. Also be sure to wash your toy after each use.

How do I apply lube and how much do I need?

There are really no rules here. The best thing to do is just relax, enjoy and experiment.

But, when you're trying it for the first time, simply squeeze a little lube onto your fingertips and gently apply to your intimate areas.

To help prevent slippage during sex, do not use too much lube prior to putting on the condom. You can always apply more if you need it.

Is the Intense Bullet for men or women?

The Intense Bullet is designed with women in mind although it is intended for both solo use and with a partner. In addition, it is worth remembering that men also can enjoy stimulation from the toy.

Are Durex devices safe to use in water?

Durex sex toys are water-resistant. Always follow the instructions on the packaging before use.

How do I find the right condom size for me?

When choosing the right condom size, it’s very important that you consider 3 things: width (determined by girth, not length), wetness (how lubricated you want it to be), and thinness. If your girth is around 50-53mm, a Durex Close Fit condom should fit as it hugs a size narrower. If your girth is around 54-56mm, a large Durex condom might be your best bet. And for girth sizes that measure from 57-60mm, an XL Durex condom is a great option. Please note that the wrong size can take away from your pleasure and is more likely to break. Consult our Find Your Fit tool for more information.

What’s the difference between latex and non-latex condoms?

Latex condoms are made out of latex for a flexible fit. Non-latex condoms (such as our Durex Real Feel, Natural Latex-Free Condoms) are made of polyisoprene and are a suitable option for those who may have a latex allergy. Rest assured that our non-latex condom option is made from technologically advanced materials to give you a sensational skin-on-skin feeling.

What’s the difference between silicone and water-based lubes?

Water-based lubes help make foreplay, sex, and even massage sessions super smooth while reducing dryness and are designed to keep sheets grease and stain-free. Silicone lubes provide lasting comfort and a naturally smooth experience. In fact, our Durex Real Feel silicone lubricant lasts 3x longer than our best-selling water-based lubricant and it doesn’t dry out so you can go on and on without reapplying. Look into our Lubes Comparison Chart for more details.