DRAWGASM: What Does a Female Orgasm Feel Like?

Ladies - you must get this question a lot. And how do you answer?

It can be frustrating to describe what a female orgasm feels like with just words. There are so many sensations, so many types of feelings, and it’s all so fleeting.

But no matter how you achieve climax - whether by masturbation or with partnered sex - all orgasms should make you feel incredible, and this feeling is worth savouring.

Drawgasms: 5 Picture-Perfect Orgasms

We reached out to some of our favourite artists and asked them to illustrate a range of different feelings that women can experience when climaxing. We came up with the words and they came up with the images. And the results are memorable. Check 'em out below!

A beautiful unending stream of mini explosions.

Colourful fireworks explode behind a bare female torso, showing what it feels like for a woman to orgasm.

Waves of pleasure washing over your entire body.

Colours flow behind a woman in underwear, illustrating what a female orgasm can feel like

A ride that’s so wild you can hardly hold it together.

People parachuting and hang-gliding around a woman in underwear

Your entire body feels warm and weightless.

A body floating in the sky in front of white clouds

An explosion so powerful it sends you to outer space.

A woman’s torso layered on top of the galaxy  


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