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How to Enjoy Sex After Giving Birth

As you navigate motherhood for the first time, you might find that sex after giving birth can require a little extra time, effort, and experimentation. And that’s perfectly okay by us.

You still have the same needs as before – especially in the bedroom – but it’s common to feel a little anxiety around resuming your sex life after giving birth, especially if it’s been several weeks or months since you last got into it.

Our first (and most important) tip: take as much time as you need. But once you’re feeling comfortable and have been given the medical all-clear by your doctor, there’s no reason you can’t give some of these tips a try to help spice up sex after the baby’s arrival.

1. Continue to practice safe sex

It’s important to take the right precautions. Even if you’re returning to birth control pills, it is still advisable to wear condoms to prevent any mishaps.

In fact, condoms may actually help spice up sex after baby making, as you ease yourself back into a physical relationship with your partner. Textured condoms like Durex Mutual Climax feature ribs and dots that can heighten her pleasure, as well as an enhanced lubricant to help him last longer.

You can also use flavoured condoms to make oral sex more enjoyable – a great tip if you want to get intimate with your partner but don’t feel quite ready to go all the way.

2. Take it slow

Like we said up top, always remember to take things at your own pace and never rush your body into doing something before it’s ready. You’ll know what feels right and your partner should be supportive as you take time to rekindle your romance.

Experiment with sensual massage as a form of introductory foreplay to get you both nice and aroused and remind each other that there is more to love-making than just the physical act of sex. Sensual massage oils and couples lubricants like Durex Yours + Mine can also help you get in the mood and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

3. Change positions

Depending on the type of birth you had and how long ago it was, you may find that the usual sex positions aren’t as comfortable anymore. Try experimenting with different angles — and if it still feels awkward, opt for those which boast shallow penetration for extra comfort.

4. Experiment with toys

If you’re still easing into things or just trying to spice up marriage after baby birth, some sex toys might just do the trick. Vibrators like the Durex Intense Bullet are a great way to achieve stimulation while controlling the depth of penetration and can help you get used to the motions of sex again before committing to the full act. You can use them alone to take care of your needs away from your partner or introduce them to your lovemaking sessions as an added way for your partner to tick all your boxes.

5. Don’t be afraid to lube up

To ensure that your sex is as comfortable as possible you should also consider using personal lubricants. This will help ease any potential discomfort and help ensure that everything runs smoothly. After all, nerves can cause changes to your body and that means you might produce less natural lubricant or be a little tighter or more sensitive than usual after giving birth.

And if you really want to spice up sex after baby birth, try a special pleasure-enhancing lubricant like Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel, designed to bring sensual warming, cooling and tingling sensations to your clitoris.


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