You’ve got a crush. But how do you know if a guy or girl likes you back? TikTok star @jackinnanen shares his advice!

You might have questions like,’Does this person like me?’, ’How do I get them to like me?’,‘Do I like someone else more?’.

Although these questions are very common, their answers are not straightforward. In this video, Jack will help you to deal with all these questions in the best way possible and will educate you on,’How to know if someone likes you?’ 

The only thing harder than bones are relationships. It's tricky maintaining and developing relationships of all kinds, especially when sex is thrown into the mix. But one of the most frustrating parts of a relationship is the one that you experience even before one gets started and that is trying to figure out if they’re into you? This is a million dollar question, and we’re hoping that you’ll find your answers here.

Signs that indicate that someone is into you

In this video the Tiktokker, Jack, will tell you about social-cue or signs which indicate that someone likes you, cares about your opinion, gives you attention, and so on. He also talks about the signs which show when a person likes you but may not be the best person for you, e.g. if they are playing mind games or being dishonest.

We hope this video helps you figure out the answer to the great question – ‘Are they into me?’ When you get all the right signals that a person is interested in you, you don’t have to wait for them to ask you out. Here’re some tips on how to ask someone out.

And when you do find that person you like and who is good for you, remember to communicate to keep that relationship strong for you and your partner. You can watch a Durex video that talks about, ’How to communicate your likes or dislikes?’ to maintain a healthy relationship.

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