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Twice is nice: tips for going again

Having sex all night long sounds like heaven, but performing more than once a night can sometimes be difficult, not least because the time it takes the male body to recuperate can put a dampener on even the hottest intentions. However, there are ways to shorten your recovery time - and keep your partner simmering - until you’re ready go again.

Rest up

No one expects you to get straight back to it, and taking a breather will probably result in a quicker recovery in the long run. One of the many benefits of sex is the post-coital glow you get afterwards, so bask in it for a while. Stay close so that you feel emotionally connected and it will help keep the right hormones circulating to encourage an encore.

Lather up

Once you’ve had a breather, taking a shower together is the perfect way to awaken your senses and feel revitalized and ready to go again. On the practical side, you can get clean (and feel less inhibited when it’s time to go again), plus it introduces a new room and new experiences into the mix, keeping things interesting. If you need to buy yourself a little more time, a sensual scalp massage can please your partner, as will grabbing the soap to lather each other up into a frenzy. A well-aimed shower head can also help keep her ticking over and in the mood until you’re ready for round two.

Oral fixation

Oral sex can work wonders for you both – there are few tricks as effective at putting the wind back in your sails, and it’s the perfect way to titillate and tantalize your partner until they are ready for penetration. The 69 position is a great way to get each other going and adds an exciting new angle to pleasing your partner.

Go time

If you’ve regained enough stamina to go again, remember that fast, furious sex probably isn’t going to be your best bet. Go at a slower pace and choose a position that you’ll both enjoy, rather than one that’ll make you feel like you’ve run a marathon. Using lube (and plenty of it) is also essential if multiple sessions are on the cards – not only will it prevent soreness and chafing (which will soon put a stop to any hope of all-night sex), it’ll make the whole thing more enjoyable for you both, too.

Know how to trouble-shoot

If you’re struggling to maintain your erection once you're inside her, try the missionary position, but have your partner close her legs while you open your own. It will make everything feel tighter for you, increasing sensation and encouraging the blood to flow to your penis. That means you can continue to please your partner and carry on with your sexy session!

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