We’ve all been there; you’ve been in a relationship for a while and want to spice up your favourite moves. You know what your partner really likes and have your seduction technique sorted, but trying something new can bring an exciting new spark.

Or maybe you’re single and just want to have some safe, casual fun with different partners.

Either way, adding some new positions into the mix is always a good move. Next time you’re in the mood, start slow and try out one – or as many of these seven best sex positions.

1. Stand and carry

Not only does this position offer a new angle, it’s a great upper body workout and a whole lot more fun than going to the gym.

Begin by standing up facing each other. Ask your partner to put their hands on your shoulders, as you place yours underneath them and lift them up. They can then wrap their legs around your waist for support as you begin to move together.

For a finish you’ll both love, try adding Durex Play Warming.

2. Wheelbarrow

In the mood for a quickie? The wheelbarrow sex position might not be the easiest one to stay in but if you’re looking for something short and fun, this could be the one.

To start, ask your partner to get down on all fours, starting things off in doggy style. With your hands on your partner’s hips slowly lift to standing. They can then either hold your ankles or place both palms flat on the floor.

This position is easier, and less likely to result in any unfortunate wobbles, if you do it on the floor rather than the bed.

3. Half headstand

Feeling adventurous? This position is tricky but if you get there, s you’ll both get bragging rights.

Begin by both standing up and enter your partner from behind, as they fold forward with their head touching the floor, using their forearms or hands for balance.

They should now be in a basic headstand position with bent legs. You can then hold your partner’s legs to support them.

Whatever the outcome, giving half headstand a go is sure to be a laugh. If it doesn’t work out as planned, get comfortable in a different position and add the Durex Intense Bullet into the mix for extra pleasure.

4. Reverse cowgirl or cowboy

Let your partner take the reins for this easy twist on a classic. This one doesn’t just feel great for the both of you, it might help to release your partner’s inhibitions, too.

Lie down on the bed, as your partner sits on top of you with their back towards you and legs straddling your body.

This position is the perfect opportunity for them to enjoy some self-stimulation at the same time while you get to admire their cute bum.

5. Classic doggy

There’s a reason why the doggy sex position is one of the most famous positions out there. It’s super-simple and offers deep penetration with no balancing acts required.

Ask your partner to get on all fours and then penetrate them from behind. Easy!

6. Double decker

Who says that you have to limit your adventures to the bedroom? This one works best on the couch.

Lean back on the couch until you’re propped up on your elbows with your partner sitting on top facing away from you. Ask them to lean back, with their knees bent towards their chest, as you penetrate them. It’s sort of like a more advanced spooning position - not only will they appreciate the cuddle, they might enjoy an orgasm too.

7. The frog

If you love the intensity of rear-entry positions, try the frog sex position.

Begin by sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet planted on the ground. Ask your partner to squat over you with their back to you, holding their waist to help them move up and down.

Take the load off and make it easier by supporting them with your hands under their bum.



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