Shirtless man in plaid pyjama bottoms gently massaging his partner’s shoulders in bed.

The Best Lubricated Sensual Massages You Can Give Your Partner(s)

Among many magical elixirs that can ease and soothe your spirits after hard days, a sensual massage has to be at the top of the list. There’s an art to unlocking the door to relaxation and pleasure – where touch becomes a language and the massage is the poetry that binds hearts and happiness together. But if you want a really good rubdown that can make your partner(s) ooze with joy, there's a secret sauce to add to the mix: it’s called lubrication.

Like a dollop of cleverness joined with a hint of arousal, lubes and pleasure gels can be added to any massage to up the ante. Unsure what can be used as lube? Start with Durex products. Sexual lubricants can double as foreplay kickstarters, just take a look at Durex’s couples & massage lubes and gels* for a new world unlocked. If you’re unsure how to use lube effectively to knead muscles and dig into pleasure potentials, read on.

As you step into your new role as an amateur masseuse, or receiver alongside your partner(s), imagine one another reclining in anticipation – your bodies a canvas awaiting masterful strokes of lubricated genius. While other oils and lotions might feel basic or ineffective in comparison, let Durex lubes & pleasure gels glide towards your arsenal of arousal. Slip and slide into pure delight with just a couple drops and easy to execute massage movements. While friction may be the enemy, nothing feels better than being slick with friendly lube by your side.

Sensual Massages To Try At Home With Durex 2-in-1 Lubes

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Ylang Ylang bottle face down on a bedside table next to a watch and a coin tray.

Once you pick out your lube of choice (you can use the Lubes Comparison Chart to help you out), you’re well on your way to a silky and sublime experience in massaging. Be sure to set the mood with an open conversation about what each of you want from the treatment, a gentle sounding playlist, fresh towels, no distractions, rose petals… you get the point. Each massage moment can represent a celebration of intimacy, or just simply be a relieving activity. Whatever mood you’re in, here are wonderful massages to know about using sexual lubricants that might ease soft issues but make other parts of the body harder.

Speaking of making things hard, discover Handjob Well Done: Tips For Great Lubricated Handjobs if your partner has a penis and you want them to experience a smoother finish.

1.Start With A Relaxing Hand Massage

Hands gracefully massaging their partner’s hands and wrist.

The best sensual massages begin with a delicate, seemingly innocent, method: hand holding. After all the manual labour our hands go through daily, this technique is not to be missed. Gently take your partner’s hands and rub the inside of their palms with your fingers, using a soft, smooth, and silky lubricant like Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Ylang Ylang* that features a sweet smelling and seductive component. After that’s all rubbed out and ready, turn the palm of their hand and use your thumbs to work their wrists – holding the wrist with one hand while you softly pull and loosen their thumbs. This allows your partner(s) to feel initially relaxed before moving onto other areas of their body.

2.Tend To The Shoulders, Neck, And Back With Magic Touches

Shirtless man giving his shirtless male partner a sensual massage in the shoulder region.

Imagine this setup: you or your partner(s) laying flat on a massage board or bed, whether it be face-up or face-down, kneading the shoulders with deep movements and circular motions – the main goal in mind is destressing the body (while also preparing for more fun to follow). To bring this fantasy to life, it’s recommended you use a water-based sexual lubricant such as Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera* which is safe for all over body steamy massages.

After giving the shoulders love, sensually massage the top, sides, and back of the neck allowing for some tongue licks and kisses in between the fingertip techniques. Then, rub the back with either circular motions again or smooth strokes along every muscle with the palms of your hands. A great piece of advice for phenomenal sensual massages? Apply your thumbs to areas of your partner’s body that want more pinpointed pressure. Always remember to hold the space for communication and ask what feels comfortable, and the same goes for the other way around.

3.Build Pressure With Leg Strokes, Chest Feels, And Body Glides

Two partners wearing black clothing clutching onto one another while laying down in bed.

Turning it up a notch, move forward with divine leg strokes, working at the ankles then moving up towards the inner thighs – caressing every crevice of the beauty that lays in front of you. For this action, why not try Durex Play 2 in 1 Guarana* made with guarana extract ensuring a good time with a smooth, water-soluble formula that’s non-staining and non-greasy.

After the legs are taken care of, move up towards the chest and massage the abdominals, breasts or pecs, and any other areas of the torso that you best see fit the intimate exchange. This can all be followed by a vital part of the sensual massage experience: naked body glides doused in dribbles of lube – placing your body atop your partner’s and slowly rubbing together like sticks making a fire. Trust the process, things will flicker.

4.Experiment With Butt Play

Two partners wearing black clothing clutching onto one another while laying down in bed.

A prostate massage can be the perfect thing to cap off the pastime, especially when your partner(s) are already loosened up elsewhere and gave their consent to want to be entered with a finger or two. Use a water-based lube such as a men’s lubrication-friendly option like Durex Tingling Lubricant* to help spread out the cheeks. This can bring zingy and tingling sensations to the anal region – creating an effect unlike anything else. With fingers coated in the lube, slide one finger lightly into the opening and see how the hole responds. Then, if your partner(s) are feeling into it, you can approach the stimulating situation with more fingers – sliding in and out.

If the door remains open to more, read How To Use Lube For Anal Sex to continue that chapter.

Your 6 Minutes Is Up

Two partners exploring a sensual massage with a feather boa amid purple and warm lighting.

After discovering what can be used as lube paired with sensual massage knowledge, you’ve got the power to relieve muscular tension, increase circulation, and promote more relaxation amongst yourself and your partner(s). A massage session is a key way to turn things up in your sex life and place trust in one another. Now get hands-on and watch the turn-on happen.

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*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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