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Often times, partners question “how long is too long without sex in a relationship?”. And there’s really no set answer – every partnership is different. Some people don’t require as much sex to validate their love, while others tend to crave that form of intimacy more.

But if sex is important to you (which it definitely is to us), you may have a couple questions such as: why have I been experiencing a dry spell lately? Or why am I finding it harder to plan a night of pure pleasure?

We believe that a good amount of sex (or sexual intimacy) drives passion and therefore creates togetherness. But that’s not to say a relationship can’t survive without passion, especially if there’s an arrangement made that sacrifices certain happiness for routine comfort. However, passion reaffirms love which encourages the well-being of a partnership.

May we suggest some hot tips that can get you back in action? Because when it comes to passionate playtime, nothing feels better.

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1. Reasons For A Loss In Passion

If you’re experiencing this type of loss – don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be forever. Too long without sex in a relationship is commonly due to a lack of excitement, but there are multiple reasons for an erotic fizzle out. This could be due to boring routineness, uncertainty towards your future, complacency in your relationship, leaving behind the “honeymoon stage”, external stressors, or more seemingly unavoidable factors.

But, all this CAN be avoided. It’s not too late for the flame of desire to be relit again. Who knows, it may even burn brighter than ever before. Leave behind those long weeks without sex and enter a new pleasure promising land with these recharging recommendations.

For some sexy insight, look to Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship for a deeper understanding of how to have a healthy partnership.

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2. Bringing Sexy Back

Take it from Justin Timberlake himself, you too can bring your sexy back and keep your relationship surviving with passion. Even if you’re feeling too familiar or comfortable in your relationship, there’s always room to try something new and expand your hot horizons. Let’s unpack a few integral pointers that strengthen partnerships so you never have to ask how long is too long without sex in a relationship again.

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3. Sex Talk It Out

The conversation begins here. Oftentimes, sex droughts can be a product of a lack of communication. A survey from The Guardian even found that couples who argued more frequently than couples who avoided conflict entirely were 10 times happier. It’s important to have those hard conversations as it can be the catalyst for stronger intimacy.

A relationship where people are sweeping things under the rug more often than they’re addressing what’s really going on could amount to weeks without sex. We encourage you to keep an open mind and be empathetic when hearing the needs and POV of your partner(s). Afterall, knowing what’s going wrong is part of making the effort to make it right – and get to the point of having more fulfilling sex. Be willing to compromise.

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4. Schedule Naughty Moments

Another tactic to avoid watching the clock and feel stuck pondering how long is too long without sex in a relationship is by scheduling fantasy-driven playtime. This special time with your partner(s) can include riveting role-play activities, much anticipated foreplay using Durex lubes & pleasure gel*, playing sex games, or more. Bonus: try pleasuring yourself in front of them for a more vulnerable idea that encourages closeness and builds intimacy.

We recommend creating a few date markers in advance that work for your relationship, and set the time aside to enjoy pleasing each other free from distraction. Instead of pressuring yourself to feel sexy during those moments, experiment with what’s working and what’s not. Openness is key in keeping a relationship surviving with passion.

For more unpredictable naughty moments you can try at home, check out Mixing It Up In The Bedroom and let your freak flag fly.

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5. Embrace Spontaneity & Gather Inspiration

This one’s super sexy. In contrast to scheduling your upcoming steamy moments, it’s equally as important to switch it up, get inspired, and savour the thrill of impulse and improvisation. This could mean hitting up a sex class then using your weekend to practise new tips, going on a frisky overnight getaway someplace romantic, or watching an erotic movie together to gather new ideas. We’re certain these suggestions can transform weeks without sex into more hours of intrigue.

To continue this list of passionate purposes, learn more Ways To Improve Your Sex Life for a fully well-rounded sexual future.


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6. Passionate Finale

Now that you’ve gathered a range of directions to steer you away from asking how long is too long without sex in a relationship, we believe you’re more than ready to take immediate action. Remember: it’s perfectly fine to experience ebbs and flows in your sex life when in a relationship, but it’s how you move past feelings of insecurity, boredom, or dissatisfaction that counts. Long live your passion.


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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