While sex is important in a relationship, an intimate kiss can spark things off.


This probably comes as no surprise to most of you—but there’s plenty of evidence that healthy partnerships deeply benefit from having great sex. Although every relationship is different, there are positives to consensual sex that remain universal. Why sex is important in a relationship? Let’s find out!

Connecting in bed before sex is important in every relationship.

Beyond the obvious perks of pleasurable sex, there’s plenty of strong emotional and physical advantages that stem from having amazing sex — and making more time for those steamy moments can heighten all the positives in your relationship.

Let us tell you just how important sex is in a relationship by highlighting the healthy impacts it has on your well-being, and offer some additional reasons why your relationship can thrive from awesome sex.

When it comes to your well-being, check out these 6 important signs of a healthy relationship to make sure your romantic health is in check too.

A couple bonding in love is necessary in keeping a relationship healthy.

1. Sex is emotionally fulfilling

There are few better feelings than being emotionally in tune with yourself and your partner(s). Sex releases oxytocin, sometimes called the “love” hormone, which improves emotional intimacy while mutually creating strong bonds. There’s a firm commitment and emotional connection that comes from sex that’s important in molding a healthy relationship. Some emotional benefits include:

Can sex bring you closer to your partner(s) and relieve stress in your relationship?

2. Stress relief

Sex releases stress response hormones which contribute to lower stress levels and better management of everyday stressors. On top of that, you may feel like you’re in a better mood post intercourse, which is linked to feeling less stressed out. Ultimately, this may cause you to feel closer in your relationship.

A couple with positive self-esteem spending time together.

3. Positive self-esteem

Can sex keep a relationship strong or change it? Feelings of insecurity, whether it be physical or emotional, can become alleviated from having great sex in your relationship. Our positive perceptions of ourselves are sometimes linked to confident, and hot, sex sessions. Loving yourself while loving your partner? Sign us up!

A couple sleeping together post sex helps build a strong relationship.

4. Improved sleeping patterns

During orgasms, endorphins are released. Coupled with oxytocin, these hormones can act like a sedation that may put you to sleep more soundly. We could all use a good night’s sleep after some energetic sex.

Speaking of energetic sex, try these 5 exciting ways to spice up missionary sex that’ll leave you completely satisfied.

Post-sex sweat can lead to improved health.

5. Sex is physically rewarding

Another reason why sex is important in a relationship is that it offers physical fitness. Even if you’re not one for hitting the gym, sex is a great cardiovascular exercise that burns calories. Sweating IS sexy. Some other physical benefits of sex include:

Massaging one’s partner during sex can improve intimacy and health.

6. Healing pain points

When getting intimate with your partner, and especially during those erotic massages, back pains and migraines may temporarily vanish. When those endorphins are released, calmness ensures. Trail off into some sexual healing… Marvin Gaye music optional, but highly recommended.

A couple enjoying foreplay is good for one’s libido.

7. Libido boost

Having continuous sex with your partner(s) can help increase your desires for more sex, and a mutual satisfaction can occur. Also, try enhancing your sexy times with Durex sex toys*, passionate kissing, and oral sex swapping. All are great at boosting your natural libido.

Sex can change a relationship and lower blood pressure.

8. Lowering blood pressure

No kidding, frequent sex has been linked to having positive cardiac effects. Sex can actually dilate blood vessels, which increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients inside your body, resulting in decreased blood pressure.

Can sex keep a relationship strong? Yes it can!

9. More on why sex is important in a relationship

Outside of emotional and physical benefits to having sex, here are a few more specific examples of how sex can keep a relationship strong:

  • It’s an opportunity to bond better as a unit, inviting more closeness
  • It’s a moment to show complete love and affection to your significant other(s)
  • It’s extremely fun and pleasurable
  • There’s a sense of security that sex can bring–making a relationship feel more at ease and interconnected

For more on sexploration and bonding opportunities, discover 5 reasons to introduce role-play into your relationship.

“Is sex important in a relationship?” is a question we’ve hoped to have now answered. Do your part in keeping your relationship fun, active, and healthy with the information you now have, and always check in with your partner(s) on how they’re doing when having sex to ensure better communication and need fulfillment. Enjoy great sex!

If you’re eager for even more tips and advice, keep exploring the blog. We’re thrilled to have you here!

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