Get Freaky Together: 7 Sexy Halloween Date Ideas

Interested in being both haunted and horny? When the air gets a bit crisper and the supernatural comes out to play, it may make you feel like you want to play as well – perhaps a little game with your partner(s). Move over adult trick-or-treating (though that sounds like a fun time), because there’s 7 other sexy Halloween date ideas that can stir up a cauldron of libido.

Nothing feels better than spending spooky season together, especially when the time is spent experimenting with freaky new fetishes or scary satisfying activities. And on Halloween night, for a Halloween holiday date, you can bet on things getting even freakier. Costumes and lights optional.

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Woman and man smiling at each other while leaning on a table filled with Halloween decorations.

Batty Activities To Do Together

Is your Halloween playlist ready, including songs like Monster Mash, Psycho Killer, Superstition, and Zombie? Have you purchased fake blood and fangs in order to channel your inner vampire/vampiress? Are you ready for the evening to get both spooky and sexy? Boo-yah? Okay, good. Let’s start the seance.

Man in white face paint and black lipstick carrying his partner on his shoulders outdoors on a Halloween holiday date.

1. Brave A Stroll In The Forest Or Cemetery

If there’s no ‘NO TRESPASSING’ sign on the property, and you’re not breaking any rules by sneaking around, exploring the woods or a graveyard and embracing each other is one way to have a Halloween date. Catch each other by surprise with little scares along the way; it only adds to the thrill of the public adventure and complements the environment surrounding you. Who knows, maybe you can makeout to ease the unsettling stillness. 

Two people snuggling on the sofa and showing Halloween romance while watching a movie with a skeleton bride and groom.

2. Fill the Room With Candles, Catch-Up, And Stream a Horror Movie

Sometimes, there’s really nothing better than getting cozy when things get spooky and lighting an array of candles in your living space – encouraging dimly lit conversation. Some shadow play may even be in the works, and you can bet you’ll look glowing under all that light. Put on a classic or modern horror, like Rosemary’s Baby or The Omen, for your entertainment (cuddling is not out of the question) and indulge in some sweet Halloween romance.

3. Role-Play While Getting Rough With One Another

If the moment calls for it, and you and your partner(s) want X-rated freakiness on your date together, try experimenting with small biting, scratching, and grunting in bed. Channelling your inner werewolves could make for some Halloween-approved pleasure. And don’t be afraid to let out a howl during the climax.

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Two people holding hands while looking at each other lovingly in a movie theatre.

4. Head To The Movies For A Special Screening

More than likely, there’s a scary movie screening in a theatre near you before or during Halloween night and what better way to enjoy it than with your partner(s). Scream at the screen while they comfort you, or vice versa. Treat yourself and get that expensive candy you haven’t had all year; we all know concession stand prices these days. After the film, head home for some after hours shenanigans.

5. Swap Scary Stories

So it may not be the most romantic Halloween date idea on this list, but it can be the most compelling and certainly the most interesting. If you and your partner(s) have the imagination or real-life stories for it, take turns sharing the cruellest tales – then cower in fear in each other’s arms. A scary story is sure to ignite feelings untapped, so do with them what you will.

Man and woman dressed as scarecrows laughing together at a Halloween party.

6. Go Costume Shopping Together

Shop ‘til you drop dead and head out to costume stores with your partner(s), on the hunt for scandalous new looks that make a killer impression. Get their advice on your choices and try on a variety of styles. Be their eye candy. If you already have your costumes picked, or it’s too late in the game to go shopping, dress-up for your partner(s) at home and embody the character your costume fits.

7. Find a Corn Maze and Get Lost on Purpose

You know the ones. There’s something inherently mysterious and alluring about entering a corn maze together, unable (if only for a brief moment) to find the exit – sneaking some PDA among the tall stalks. If that sounds appealing to you, get corny and make a date out of it.

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Ending The Evening

There you have it – 7 sexy Halloween date ideas that pair perfectly with the season of spooks. So don’t ghost your partner(s); spend that quality time with them. And for more stimulation that can enhance your ghoulish plans, check out Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Guarana* in a festive orange coloured bottle which can help your sexual experiences run even smoother. Have a scary and safe time!

If you’re looking to have some haunting sex, read Don’t Be Scared: 5 Halloween-Inspired Sex Positions for other creative pleasure.


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