We all know relationships ebb and flow, but they always feel best when they’re not sinking ships. The same goes for intimacy, which is one of the key foundations of all relationships. But, do you find yourself wanting more from your partner(s)? Are you struggling with having your needs met? If you’re looking to improve intimacy in your relationship, there are a few integral steps you can take to restore harmony.

While intimacy is nuanced and not the same formula for every relationship, there’s no denying it’s a powerful and connective driver that bonds people and breeds authenticity. Whether it be sexual intimacy, mental stability, emotional support, or other defining relationship factors, we all deserve to feel intimate with our partners. Afterall, it’s human nature.

Let us counsel you into a highly fulfilling relationship if intimacy is what you’re lacking. We’ll explain the concept of intimacy, including different forms of intimate connection. Then, we’ll unpack sexual intimacy and how it strengthens relationships, including a list of ways to build back intimacy together in easy to execute steps.

Coming together just feels better.

Two men lovingly playing with each other on a sofa.

1. What Does Intimacy Really Mean?

In order to pinpoint how to improve intimacy in a relationship, we must first define the concept in its entirety. What is intimacy in a relationship? Essentially, it’s close familiarity formed by human connection based on five core abilities designed to provide nurturing comfort to someone else. Although it’s obviously important, and our favourite form, sex is only one of multiple forms of intimacy.

Intimacy involves a synchrony between individuals, and it highlights undivided attention. Intimacy is all about truly seeing and hearing out your partner(s), while making them feel accepted and trusted. Intimacy may also be defined as “something of a personal or private nature”. But, here at Durex Canada, we don’t keep secrets. So get ready to gain advice on how to be more intimate with your partner(s) based on key human attributes.

Want to know how to improve intimacy in your relationship? We have the sauce.

But before we get into it, learn Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship for some background context on intimate love making.

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2. The Many Forms Of Intimacy

Intimacy wears many faces, and they’re all beautiful. In a digital age where humans often communicate via memes, short messages, and ‘likes’, it’s extremely important we re-establish intimacy in our relationships so as to feel more whole. Closeness is life-changing, and it can be just the thing we need in order to feel strength and support in a partnership. If you’re looking for how to improve intimacy in your relationship, let’s break down the types of intimacy that exist to make us better lovers.

Two people holding each other closely while laughing during an intimate moment.

3. Emotional Understanding

Listen to this. This type of intimacy has to do with empathy, respect, and communication. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes, no matter their size, and listen to their experiences. This gives you the opportunity to practise active listening and see if your partner(s) really hears you out or are merely passive participants in a conversation. It’s about expressing personal and internal feelings in your relationship and noticing if those feelings are well-received by your lover(s).

A man on top of a woman going in for a kiss under the covers.

4. Physical Closeness

We’re big fans of this one. Physical closeness involves expressing what feels good through giving and receiving pleasure. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean sexual intercourse or intimate sex. Cuddling, holding hands, kissing, hugging, and other skin-to-skin contact is also applicable when it comes to physical intimacy if feelings of closeness are mutually felt between all parties.

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5. Spiritual Healing

Whether it’s a question of ethics, religion, or other values we hold close to our hearts, spiritual intimacy looks at placing faith in one another whilst in a relationship. Our own separate belief systems aside, intimacy can be felt through placing confidence in one another. If you’re looking for how to improve intimacy in your relationship, we recommend staying grounded and connected.

A couple looking deeply into each other’s eyes in a moment of sexual intimacy.

6. Mental Bonding

No mind games here. Mental intimacy taps into our intellect and challenges us to fully understand our partner’s wit, interests, and goals. This paves the way for deeper meaning and allows us to feel curious and intellectually stimulated in our relationship.

Couple moving closer to each other before a kiss takes place.

7. Experiential Planning

The final type of intimacy is an amalgamation of the other four listed above. It’s about using shared experiences to carve out intimate time together and really cherish the company of one another. Whether it be developing a new routine or taking comfort in quality time spent together after hectic days, experiential intimacy is the sum of all intimate parts.

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8. Sexual Intimacy And What It Entails

After briefly touching on physical closeness, it’s only natural we spend a bit more time discussing intimate sex in a relationship. Sexually intimate people connect with one another through sexual expression and a mutual agreement (consent is ALWAYS sexy). Here’s how to improve intimacy in a relationship if your sex life is lacking:

  • Prioritize shared moments - go on adventures outside the bedroom that help stimulate situations in the bedroom. Doing things outside your norm with your partner(s) can boost your attraction to them.
  • Schedule sexy time - mark dates in the calendar and keep sexually intimate events top of mind when mapping out your month. Great sex can be spontaneous, but it can also be a perfect plan.
  • Feel the power of foreplay - there are so many other ways to give and receive pleasure outside the box of intercourse. Build up that sexual tension through playtime.
  • Self-pleasure can also help you better understand how you like your sexual intimacy, so explore erotic novels and sexy podcasts on top of masturbation to fuel more ideas on what to do with your partner(s).

Another stimulating solution that contributes to physical closeness (and we mean really close) is incorporating Durex Invisible* or Durex Sensi-Thin* condoms that maximize sensitivity so you can connect deeper with your partner(s) for ultimate pleasure.

Before you wrap it, consider tips from The Art Of The Simultaneous Orgasm to help you steer your most intimate moments.

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9. Steps To Build Intimacy Together

Now that you know intimate characteristics, here’s how to improve intimacy in your relationship explained in actionable steps:

  • Communicate without distraction and ask your partner(s) questions to gain a vulnerable perspective of their needs
  • Discuss new topics together, engage in fresh and interesting activities, and play games (either competitive or on a team) to bring back more thrill
  • Tease each other by physical touch and enter new worlds of sexual interest
  • Above all, plan quality time together - you can’t have intimacy without being present

Two women smiling on the streets while holding each other closely.

10. In Conclusion

Don’t worry! When facilitating intimacy between partners, there’s never a one size fits all solution. If you’re discovering how to improve intimacy in your relationship, we encourage you to be open-minded while doing what works best for all parties involved. Connecting on an emotional, spiritual, mental, experiential, physical, and sexual level will definitely give your arrangement new vibrations. Intimately yours, Durex Canada.

Want extra sexy tips? Learn Ways To Improve Your Sex Life for added pleasure.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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