A woman bares her fangs while a man necks his partner in the background.


Want to spice up your Halloween with a little extra flavour? Sink your fangs into these tips that open up your mind and your mouth for some satisfying screams. From role-play situations to the use of props to shocking new positions, we’ve prepared you to have the spookiest sex. Get your freak on.

In order to have a monster mash of pleasure, and engage in terrifyingly terrific Halloween sex, you’re going to need a few things: courage, costumes, and candles. While every day is worth taking pleasure in, this time of year can be particularly sexy because it’s a festive occasion that allows for the imagination to run wild. Wild with fantasies.

These Halloween sex tips will shed light on electrifying sex positions, creative playtime ideas, and role-play activities that may make you want to proceed with caution. Nothing feels better than scary good sex.

Skeletons engaging in some spooky sex.

1. Tip #1: Try some spooky sex positions

There’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to having amazing sex, especially when you switch up the physical positions in which you’re having it. And, on Halloween night, what better time to get both physical AND freaky?! Don’t be afraid… allow yourself to test out a new form. You may be gasping for breath, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

2. The Zombie

The first sex position on our list is fittingly titled ‘The Zombie’ but, don’t worry, you won’t literally be walking dead. Actually, you may feel more alive than ever before! Let’s discuss how to go about the Zombie sex position:

  • To make like a standing 69, one partner sits with their legs bent apart just enough so the other partner’s head has room to reach their genitalia
  • The other partner then gets lifted up by the sitting partner to where their head is facing the privates, and their partner’s face is in their precious bits
  • Ultimately, some pretty freaky oral sex is swapped and zombie-like moans can be heard

Whether it’s with penises or vaginas, the Zombie sex position leads to a good feast.

3. Bobbing for Apples

Remember this classic game at seasonal fairs? Well, let us ruin your childhood with a pleasurable position that’s far from the orchard. But, trust us, you’ll be bobbing your head in a similar manner. Let’s explain:

  • Using rope or handcuffs (or anything else that can be used as a restraint), tie your partner’s wrists together behind their back
  • Then, take turns giving each other hands-free oral sex (which would explain the ‘bobbing’ part)
  • Go wild with the pleasure principles – from sucking to licking to tongue swirling and so on
  • For extra excitement, have your partner hold your wrists together and command you on how to bob beautifully

How ‘bout them apples?

4. The Vampire's Kiss

Our final spooky sex position pays homage to a blood-sucking character who’s famously noted as a Halloween lover. Get ready for some blood curling passion with this one:

  • One partner leans back against the wall, wrapping their legs around the other partner, and exposes their tempting neck
  • The partner doing the penetrating grabs the other partner’s butt, squeezes it, and pulls them in deeper while kissing, sucking, and lightly biting the neck area

It’s feeding time, baby.

For a more freakish variety of sex postions, check out Don’t Be Scared: 5 Halloween-Inspired Sex Positions – you’ll even see the The Zombie in other detail among this list.

A person with orange hair paints their nails.

5. Tip #2: Enjoy spooky DIY activities

Another tip to help you have an even more pleasurable and thrilling Halloween is by creating your own kinky DIY projects. Using some materials/snacks you already have at home, you can rethink their purpose in true ghastly fashion. Here’s a few that can seriously lift those spirits.

6. Ghostly sheets

Partial to the paranormal? Get that much closer to the feeling of phantom chills by freezing or refrigerating your clean bedsheets, then laying them on the bed right before Halloween sex happens. Guaranteed feelings of stimulation will occur, and your senses will kick into overdrive, further eliciting primal sexual responses.

Want to elicit even more pleasure reactions from your partner(s), read 7 Erogenous Zones You Need To Know For Ultimate Pleasure.

7. Mummy, I'm all tied up

Make like horny mummies and engage in a bondage session with your partner(s) using ripped strips of cotton sheets as substitute for rope restraint. The tightly squeezed feeling of being bound by the material (on your legs or arms) can feel sensational.

Additionally, Ancient Egyptians were known to use sweet-smelling fragrances during mummification – so why not give your partner(s) a relaxing mummy massage with a Durex Couples & Massage Lube* (we have Durex Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera, Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Guarana, and Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Ylang Ylang options).

8. Candy coated surprise

You may be too old to knock on stranger’s doors for candy, but you can always use your own candy to try new sexual activities at home!

For foreplay, place small candies over your partner’s torso, legs, and arms – and eat them off one by one (making sure to leave a little room for erotic drops of drool). Or use the classic whipped cream and cherries. For a liquid delight, try drizzling some sweet syrup on the body and lick up every last drop.

Warning: keep these candy-coated surprises away from the vagina or rectum, as that could lead to more serious health problems.

Another quick Halloween sex tip: give Durex Tropical Flavoured condoms* a try! With 4 fruity flavours in apple, banana, strawberry, and orange, you can hold your very own adult trick or treat games.

Two men applying glitter on each other.

9. Tip #3: Introduce spooky role-play

The last tip to spice up your Halloween is by enacting a fantasy come to life through the act of role-playing (characterization emulating somebody else). With exchanged consent and mutual agreement, role-play sessions can lead to pleasure that’s anything but an act. Here are a few of our favourite Halloween role-play scenarios:

10. Haunted house tour guide

Set up a spooky haunted house execution at your place and blindfold your partner(s) (with their given consent, of course) – leading them through nightmarish sensory experiences such as:

  • Putting their hands into a bowl of jelly, prompting them to really feel up the concoction
  • Playing the heaviest metal or rock music you’d only hear at a horror attraction while you undress them
  • Guiding their lips towards yours while you have an ice cube in your mouth for a cold kiss
  • Using a sex toy on them (like our Durex Pleasure Ring* or Durex Intense Bullet vibrator*

Let your creativity run wild with this role-play fantasy, admission free.

11. Witchy wonders

Dress like a sexy witch and get to cackling in pleasure with the use of candles, crystals, and delicious aphrodisiacs like dark chocolate. You can even go so far as to conjure up a potion-like cocktail in the kitchen (dry ice is always an option as well).

Why not go for a ride on your partner’s broomstick, or vice versa. Recite love spells together. And, without a doubt, dance naked under the moonlight of a television screensaver or the actual moon spilling in through your window – taking your partner’s body in erotic entanglement.

12. BDSM magic

To finish off these Halloween ready role-play situations, dare yourself with the magic of BDSM involving bondage, submission, and control. Sport latex, leather, or other fetishwear and take your partner over with pleasurable pain.

Whips and chains are highly favoured – but make sure you know what your partner can handle. And, as always, ask for consent before taking them down to your figurative sex dungeon (bonus points if you already have a lusty lair at home).

To discover more on sex fantasy action, look at our 5 Reasons To Introduce Role-Play Into Your Relationship.

13. Last words

Now, it’s about that time when you dim the lights and let out a shriek of excitement – because you’re about to have spine-chilling Halloween sex! We hope you’ve enjoyed these little treats to prepare you for even bigger surprises in the bedroom (or elsewhere). Use these spooky sex tips with discretion and imagination – this wicked date only comes once a year (but we know you’ll be coming a lot more than that).

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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