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7 Erogenous Zones You Need To Know For Ultimate Pleasure

One of our favourite sex tips: rather than heading straight for the obvious, remember to explore every inch of your lover’s body along the way. Many people forget that there are erogenous zones around the body from head to toe (literally), but focusing on these areas before hitting the bullseye will set the stage for some really good sex.

Contrary to popular belief, these male and female pleasure points are almost identical to each other. If you’re looking to elevate your sex life, try stimulating your lover in all the right places…

1. Lips

Since kissing is often the very first point of contact before sex, focusing on your partner’s lips for a little longer will ensure they make the association and get their mind wandering!

For him: Keep it wet! Be a good sport and play a little tongue tennis — and maybe try sucking his lips, too.

For her: Go gently at first. Caress and massage her lips with yours, keeping them firm.

2. Neck

Stimulating the neck can be a great way to get us pumped for sexual activity — and a simple way to heighten pleasure while in certain sex positions.

For him: Alternate between kisses on the neck and gentle nibbles with your teeth – the contrast is extremely arousing.

For her: Work your way down the entire length of her neck.

3. Nipples

The nipples are full of nerve endings and one of the most sensitive areas on the body. When stimulated, they can create amazing sexual arousal — especially when you add a little massage oil to the mix.

For him: This area tends to be forgotten for men, but for some it’s just as sensitive as it is for women. Trace the area around them with your finger and gently kiss them.

For her: Some women find their nipples more sensitive than others – start light and figure out what she likes.

4. Buttocks

There are millions of nerve endings on the buttocks and most people love the sensation of having this area touched. First, make sure your partner is comfortable with it — then feel free to get playful!

For him: Massaging his lower back and buttocks will really get him in the mood. And don’t be afraid to use some personal lubricants, too.

For her: Give it a firm but gentle squeeze in the middle of the action to show her you’re enjoying it.

5. Feet

They may not be for everyone, but a loving foot massage is a great way to awaken your partner’s libido. The skin on the feet is extremely responsive to touch.

For him: Suck his (clean) toes! He will instantly associate it with oral sex – and it will drive him wild!

For her: Tickle, kiss and gently pinch the skin on her feet and toes while rubbing them with one of Durex’s 2-in-1 massage gels.

6. Pelvic area

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but the erogenous zones in this area differ for men and women. The whole of the pelvic region, including the inner thigh, is really sensitive and gives intense sensations when stimulated — but there are particular areas for men and women that really set off fireworks!

For him: Most men love gentle attention on their testicles. This is too sensitive for some men, though, so approach carefully.

For her: The clitoris is the main area of sexual pleasure for a woman. It’s the most sensitive and responsive area on the female body. Focusing on this area is almost always a good idea. And so is incorporating our Durex bullet.

7. Central station

The holy grail of the 7 erogenous zones. Also known as genitals, these zones are obviously central to your sex life. After teasing your way around their body and erogenous zones, your partner will be more than ready for some attention here!

For him: The most sensitive area of the penis is the head; most men will get amazing sensations from gentle stimulation here.

For her: The vagina isn’t the most sensitive area for a woman, but stimulation of the cervix (at the top of the vagina) is another female pleasure point that can feel absolutely amazing.

By exploring the 7 erogenous zones for women and men, you’ll almost certainly find one that gets you going. By taking the time to discover what turns each other on, you and your lover will feel closer and more intimate. Never underestimate the power of the mind; focusing on these areas will cause connections to be made within the brain and trigger sexual arousal. Even the humble kiss can send sparks flying!

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