Partners going in for a kiss in their car while warm lighting illuminates them.

Driving Into One Another: How To Have Safe Car Sex

Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, I want you in my car! When the bedroom begins to feel obsolete and you’re craving a change of scenery, there might be a parked vehicle waiting outside your door. If you or your partner(s) are proud car owners and are seeking another type of sexploration, car sex can be a viable option.

Whether the prospect of car sex brings you back to simpler times, or you remember that one steamy scene from your favourite movie, there’s no denying sex in the car can be hot as hell. There’s something about being in tight quarters with someone else that moves things along (not to mention all the objects you can grab onto for additional support). Nothing feels better than sexy surroundings.

But… you have to do it the safe way. Before we get into car sex positions to try, make sure you park in private – be it your garage or partner’s private parking spot on their property with the headlights turned off (no condo/building parking garages or lots out in the open). Parking anywhere public, even when dark, is off limits and you can end up facing unwanted company of the law. Also, get prepped and ready with pillows, blankets, clean-up wipes, and Durex condoms and lubes* of your choice. Car sex playlist optional. Wear easy-to-take-off clothing that opens at the bottom or stretchy pieces, and avoid zippers because they can get caught in the act!

Unbeatable Car Sex Positions

Two people in beanies cuddle up closer together in the driver and passenger seats.

After checking off your list of safety measures and comfy clothing options for car sex shenanigans, you’re ready to learn car sex positions that are just right for a range of vehicles – from mini cruisers to minivans and sports cars to trucks. Recharge your sex life with fast and furious motions. It’s GO time baby!

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1. The Seashell

Young couple kissing in their roomy, vintage car.

Bring the motion of the ocean to the car with this first position. Sure, you can’t hear the waves but you’ll be able to hear your partner(s) moaning in sheer delight when this move is executed properly. Here’s how to sea results:

  • Use the backseat to lie on your back with legs raised all the way up and your ankles close to your head
  • Then, let your partner(s) enter you in missionary (or vice versa)

It’s a fairly simple car sex position that allows you to fold your body in half, taking up less space in the car and allowing for optimal room to stimulate the clit or penis at play.

2. The Om

Two women wearing glasses motioning for a kiss in the front seats of their car.

Moving towards a tantric sex position, The Om is highly romantic and perfect for yogis anonymous. It’s a face-to-face phenomenon that drives pure passion. Want to try? Here’s how to do it:

  • One partner sits on the car seat cross-legged in a pretzel-style yoga pose
  • The other partner sits facing them, perfectly poached on their lap
  • The sitting partner on top then wraps their legs around the partner below and holds them tightly for an intense experience

This car sex position allows for deeper connection and relationship building because it’s often seen as more loving and tender, while being erotic.

To make this position even hotter, consult the How To Talk Dirty: The Ultimate Dirty Talk Guide for spot-on auditory advice on whispering sweet somethings into the ears of your partner(s).

3. Reverse Scoop

Two people making out in the backseat of their car.

Backseat lovers, this one’s meant for you! If you’re in the mood to lay down and love the heck outta each other’s bodies, this is how you Reverse Scoop in style and sexuality:

  • Move into the backseat and lay down
  • Both partners turn on their sides to face one another, while one partner moves down a little for entering room
  • Feel free to use what’s around you (like the locked door handle or top of seat cushions) to support every thrust and bump that’s bound to happen

Having this kind of car sex is great because it combines the nature of intertwining with the comfort in knowing neither of you will bang your heads on the wall of the car. 

4. Belt Bondage

Hand motioning to fasten their seatbelt.

Freakier and freakier this gets! While this car sex position requires a little extra skill and magic, it’s attainable and mildly BDSM-friendly – allowing one partner to be in total control while the other is more submissive under the restraint of seatbelts (instead of handcuffs). Here’s how to bind and grind:

  • One partner lays across the backseat on their back, while the other partner ties their hands above their head with the safest car accessory: the seatbelt
  • The partner on top can then rub their genitals all over the pelvic bone or vaginal area of the restrained partner, initiating sex, or simply give a mean handjob or indulge in fingering foreplay

There’s something about Belt Bondage that serves to subject in a consensual fashion. For thrill seekers, this car sex position is a must-try.

5. Road Head

Man wrapping his arm around his partner while interlocking hands and kissing her cheek in the car.

Ending this list with a go-to classic, Road Head is the ultimate fantasy car sex showdown you’ve seen in cinema – usually resulting in awkward moments. To make sure you perform this oral experience successfully, keep the car parked, discreetly in private, and pleasure your partner(s) in the driver’s seat with your tongue and mouth on their genitals while bobbing up and down (or vice versa). Bonus points if the car has a sunroof, which the receiving partner can use to stick their head out while getting the best head of their life below.

Driving Into The Future

Person resting their sleepy head on their partner wearing sunglasses and looking out the car window.

Do those car sex positions sound like they hit the parking (and G) spot? Always remember to prep your protection and secure your privacy before engaging in this cruiser connection. And why not incorporate the Durex Intense Bullet* for added powerful vibrations in the vehicle. As a final tip, try keeping a window or two ajar to let some steam out (only when in a closed garage). Happy riding!

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*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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