Man coming closer to his partner’s face while she smiles below him in bed.

ASMR x Dirty Talk: What To Say During Sex For Sounds Of Pleasure

Ever wonder what it would be like if pillow talk was more of a pillow whisper with your partner(s)? Want to turn sweet nothings into sweet somethings? Curious about turning an online trend into a bedroom delight? Then let’s chat about dirty talk with the incorporation of ASMR.

What does ASMR stand for, you may ask? Properly, it’s Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – which means a tingling sensation that can arise from a specific sound and run from the scalp to down the back of the neck. It’s deeply calming for some, yet entirely strange for others. It really depends on personal preference. While it may lull people to sleep, it can also provoke a sexual awakening.

The sounds of pleasure when it comes to ASMR can be coupled with soft-spoken whispers, scratching, tapping, caressing, and other hand movements that elicit responses. Does this seem arousing to you? If so, read on and find out dirty things to say during sex that are ASMR-friendly and full of curiosity.

Hot Things To Say During Sex That Can Double As ASMR

Ready to explore more sexual chambers and make their brain tingle with excitement? Let’s spark up some fun and share riveting and dirty expressions you can use when in the act that reek of pleasure and ASMR. More orgasm sounds are in your future.

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1.“I love the way you feel.”

<sup>TM</sup>Man<sup>TM</sup> coming closer to his partner’s face while she smiles below him in bed.

The possibilities are endless with this first expression on the list. Every feeling is subjective during sex, so there can be many ways to deliver this message that can send shivers up and down your partner’s spines. Whether it’s from receiving oral, penetration, or simply making out while your naked bodies press up against each other, “I love the way you feel” can genuinely be one of the most tried and true sexy things to say that can get your partner(s) going. It’s validating, confidence boosting, and assures them that what they’re doing is feeling oh so good (and nothing feels better than that).

Man stroking his partner’s hair as she smiles with him on the sofa.

2.“You’re making me so wet right now.” 

This drips of innuendo. Unlike any dry humour, let your partner(s) know that the juices are flowing for you down there with this ASMR dirty talk suggestion. When it comes to the ‘wet’ part, try to stretch out the word when you whisper it for an extra special effect. Really hang on to the saying while they hang on to your body.

A couple laughing together in bed after running through a list of dirty things to say during sex.

3.“Harder, faster, deeper!”

For those who enjoy a rollercoaster of intensity during penetrative sex, attempt this ASMR manoeuvre to direct your partner(s) right into their eardrums. Undoubtedly one of the best hot things to say during sex, this sexpression doesn’t miss a beat and picks up the pace in no time. It’s spicy, directional, and leaves little to the imagination.

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4.“I’m going to make you cum.” 

That’s right, we’re going there today with the XXX dirty suggestion. After hearing whispers that this statement can lead to some serious orgasm sounds, it’s a no-brainer that this sentence is a game changer under or on top of the sheets. Right before climax arrives, tease your partner(s) with this hot ASMR hack and watch their eyes roll back.

Man and woman smiling while cuddling each other in bed.

5.“I can’t wait to rip off your clothes…”

Speak this softly during a preliminary makeout session and see the excitement cover your partner’s face. It’s the perfect teaser before the magic happens, as it sounds both primal and eager – ready for a courageous and intimate battle of the bodies. Whether you do literally rip off the clothes or not is up to you and your partner’s consent (just make sure it’s nothing too pricey).

6.“Your [insert genitalia here] feels perfect.”

Talking up your partner’s private parts is likely to make them feel extra confident and proud of their features. Giving them that affirmation is not only healthy for their self-esteem but also paves the way for that boosted pleasure you hope to share with your partner. If they feel good, they can do more good (if you know what we mean).

7.“Put your fingers inside me.” 

For the finishing touch (see what we did there?), give your partner(s) a hand and invite them to probe their fingers inside a hole of your choice. While it’s clearly a dirty thing to say during sex, it’s also a tempting announcement that can lead to unmatched chemistry. Make sure you’re ready for it, then guide them with the smooth sound of your voice.

Final Whispers

Two men closing their eyes about to go in for a kiss in front of teal brick.

Now that you know what ASMR stands for and have learned many things to say in bed that elicit sounds of pleasure, it’s time you breathe deeply and speak easy into the ears of your partner(s) while getting freaky together. From online phenomenon to IRL activity, ASMR may be calling your name if you want it to. Will you answer its ring?

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