Graphic depicting four different sex positions on a blue background.


Quirky Sex Position Names and Why You Should Try Them

Bored of the same old, tried and true sex? Curious about learning new sex position names and taking your sexual imagination to the next level? Want a new workout that’s both energetic and erotic? Well – we’ve got just the techniques to help add an extra dose of freshness to your sexy rituals.

And they don’t just feel amazing – they have some of the most wacky names out there! Let’s dive deep into a few sex positions and names you can incorporate in your sex life. But first, we’ll briefly discuss why experimenting with new moves can bring you and your partner(s) more pleasure.

1. Why it Feels Good to Try New Types of Sex Positions

The following types of sex positions can be beneficial to your moments of playtime because they introduce a variety of bonuses: Including stress relief, thrill, the element of surprise, hormonal and orgasm boosts, and curiosity. They’re mutually pleasurable – so all parties can feel the heat! Also, nothing feels better than truly letting go, so get some Durex condoms and lubes* to be fully ready to get pleasure.

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2. List of Sex Positions And Their Names

Now that you know how different sex positions can benefit you, let’s learn new position names and how to carry them out.

3. The Magic Bullet

The magic bullet sex position

No, this is not referring to the infamous blender from one of those infomercials you’ve seen on TV. Even though this position name sounds like something you’d use to mash up your food, the magic bullet sex position is actually a deeply penetrating erotic tactic and it goes as follows:

  • One partner lays on their back with their legs up in the air
  • The other partner kneels in front of them to enter
  • The partner responsible for penetrating can hold the other partner’s legs to increase or decrease the speed

Talk about a great blend of intimacy and tempo. The purpose of this unique position is to mix things up, not unlike how you’d mix together ingredients in a blender. See what we did there?

On the topic of mixing and mingling, check out our article: Mixing It Up In The Bedroom which can help breathe new life, and produce more moans, into your go-to sexual experiences.

4. The Frog Fashion

Graphic depicting the Frog Fashion sex position on a green background.

This has nothing to do with toads being style icons but has everything to do with ribbiting in joy. Leap into the quirky Frog position by:

  • Having one partner lay on their back, bending their knees and bringing their heels towards their butt (frog-leg style)
  • The same partner should lift up enough so that they manage to grab their own knees
  • Have the other partner lay on top of them with their legs outward and go to pleasure town

P.S. Don’t be afraid to kiss your charming partner while performing this position – they’re not actually going to magically turn into a frog.

5. The Late Spring Donkey

The late spring donkey sex position has a quirky name

Keeping with the animal theme, the name of this sex position has nothing to do with pre-summer mules. Instead, here’s how to make an ass of yourself with the Late Spring Donkey sex position:

  • Have one partner stand up and bend over, keeping their legs straight and placing their hands on the ground to ensure balance
  • The other partner grabs their waist and (smoothly) enters them from behind

Try incorporating one of Durex lubes or pleasure gels* in the routine to make the moment a lot more pleasurable.

6. The Loaded Gun Sex Position

The loaded gun sex position

No weapons involved, please! However, this position may make you or your partner(s) shoot out something other than a bullet… let’s get into it:

  • One partner sits on the bed, leaning back on their arms
  • The other partner faces away and straddles them, keeping their feet on the ground – also leaning back on their arms

This unbelievable sex position is named after something dangerous, but will actually allow the bottom partner to build up rhythm – satisfying both themself and the partner doing the straddling. Shots fired.

Curious to explore more sex position names and how to go about those positions? Read these 7 Positions To Heat Up Your Sex Life that can make for more steamy, explorative moments.

How’s that for a crazy sexy name game? We’re certain that these sex positions and their wild names will bring a splash more creativity and diversity to your sex life. Start with something more comfortable, like the Magic Bullet, then lead into one more challenging, like the Frog Fashion, if you want to start slow and finish fast. Whatever you choose, nothing feels better than landing a sexy position.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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