Sweat, Seduction, And Sleigh Bells: Yoga Sex Positions To Try Over The Holidays

Sweat, Seduction, And Sleigh Bells: Yoga Sex Positions To Try Over The Holidays

Who’s up for a little yoga? Okay, it might not be the kind you’re used to, or the kind you’ve always wanted to try. But it’s the kind you definitely won’t get enough of. Let’s get into the XXX position these holidays.

Before or after you decorate your space this winter, consider another masterpiece. No matter how flexible you may be, everyone can benefit from this well-known stress-relieving activity – taken to brand new heights. It’s called sexual yoga (or tantric sex).

Tantric sex can be defined as meditative practices towards an orgasm that seek to create a deeper connection between the bodies. It’s all about mindfulness, being present, exploring the body, and, of course, feeling pleasure. With your partner(s), you can experiment with erotic poses that touch your souls in more ways than one.

But why practice this sexual art form? Well, it’s said to create fulfilling sexual experiences and strengthen intimacy between each other. Besides, we all know how great of a workout yoga can be! It’s about time the two benefits had a meeting of the minds. Take the power of sensual yoga into your own hands – you might just make the icicles melt outside your hot box.

The Best Beginner Sexual Yoga Poses To Try

Take your mind off the meltdowns due to cold weather and refocus your energy on Kamasutra yoga inspired positions that invigorate your sex life. Let’s walk you through some fairly simple, beginner sexual yoga poses that give way to hot pleasure. P.S. Pull out these positions anytime you and your partner(s) are locked inside during a snowstorm – it’s guaranteed your perpetual boredom will be cured in a heartbeat.

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Man getting into a cat/cow stretch yoga pose while his partner does the same in the back.

1. Cat/Cow Stretch

Don’t worry, this first erotic pose doesn’t involve the domestication of any animals – it’s actually just a great stretching technique that can help prepare you for anal or vaginal sex. Here’s how to get into position:

  • Begin in a table-top form
  • Then, move your wrists so they fall just under your shoulders and keep your knees under your hips
  • To keep your wrists balanced, stretch out your fingers and commit to some cat/cow stretches (this will help your spine adjust to the sex position)
  • Pro tip: try this position on a softer surface but if you choose to do it on something firmer, tuck in your toes or lay out a cushion under your knees (you’ll be more comfy this way)

This position can allow you to get into an open position for your partner(s) to enter with access. It also lets you control your orgasms, making for a beautiful starter pose.

Two partners sitting cross-legged and facing each other while connecting with their fingertips touching preparing for erotic poses.

2. Yab-Yum

This one’s quite yummy. If you’re looking for a sexual yoga position that carries intense eye contact and ultimate connectedness, or some sheer foreplay, this one’s for you. Here’s how it works:

  • One partner sits cross-legged while the other sits on their lap (with their legs wrapping around the waist of their partner)
  • Then, let the bodies embrace one another in either a penetrative way or by rubbing your naked parts against one another for some synchronized teasing

Deep breathing is bound to happen during this sexy yoga form. Don’t hold back and wrap yourself in your partner’s grasp – creating a pose that’s worth the pleasure. For an added bonus, try Durex Warming Lubricant* while you’re rubbing together for a thrilling warming sensation that helps turn up the temperature and makes you forget about winter days ahead.

For other first time tips on how to incorporate lube into your sex life, scan 5 Lesser-Known (But Pleasurable) Tips For How To Use Lube and enjoy a soothing future.

3. Butterfly

Two partners holding onto one another while stretching their legs out and pressing their shoes together.

Spread your wings (and other things) with this beginner sexy yoga position that embraces the art of oral sex. This is how you comfortably do it:

  • Get into a sitting position firstly
  • Then, press the bottoms of your feet firmly together and let your knees open wide
  • You can begin to move your heels closer to your body when the oral sex takes place, depending on your comfort levels

This position is a great hip stretching method which can bring about more openness and ability to bend our bodies. Try it for yourself, just don’t get caught in any nets!

4. Low Cobra

Slither into this position like a raunchy reptile. Useful for vaginal or anal penetration (or getting your butt eaten out), the Low Cobra promises a tasteful and shoulder strengthening good time. Get into it by:

  • Laying belly-down on the ground (we recommend laying out a yoga mat or blanket so you’re not uncomfortably stiff on a hard surface)
  • Then, using a rolled-up towel or pillow, prop it under your hips to level up your sweet spots down there
  • Let your partner(s) get behind you while you’re in position and go to town however you choose to… the rest is history!

Said to be good for body soreness relief, particularly if you work in a hunched position all day long, this steamy erotic pose can help with muscle aches. It’s a triple threat – yoga pose, muscular satisfaction, and sexual stimulation!

5. Puppy Pose

Two partners reaching their hands out to touch each other while getting into a yoga position.

Don’t worry, this one won’t be ruff. If you’re in the mood for a little fingering action and clit interaction, check this out:

  • Have the partner receiving vaginal pleasure start on their hands and knees while walking their hands in front of the other partner
  • Then, the partner receiving pleasure balances a 90 degree angle with their knees and sinks into the ground – chest and head first
  • The final pose should resemble a booty-ooty-ooty up in the air

A combination of other basic yoga poses, the Puppy Pose invites partners to stretch their hamstrings and loosen their pecs while opening up their body for the bold touch of hands all over.

6. Supported Bridge

Will your London Bridge fall down? Let’s see if you can get dirty with this last sexual yoga position recommendation. Suited for prostate or G-spot pleasure, the Supported Bridge allows pelvic floor muscles to naturally contract due to the way the body forms. Here’s how to make it happen:

  • One partner lays on their back, feet flat on the surface below
  • Then, that partner bends their knees enough so they can touch their heels with their fingertips
  • Make sure the lower back and tailbone are rested with materials that can support it (such as a stack of books)
  • The partner not in position has a great view to stimulate their partner’s pleasure zones, while the partner receiving the pleasure is strengthening their glutes and hamstrings

Cross this bridge when you get to it, but remember there’s something orgasmic waiting for you on the other side.

Two happy partners holding a yoga mat and embracing outdoors during sunset.

Our Final Position Statement

After learning about these starter yoga sex positions, it’s likely you’re itching to begin practice right away. Just make sure you’re prepared by doing a few good initial stretches, getting consent from your partner(s), and choosing a Durex condom* that compliments the posture you’ll be sinking into. Make those ‘oooo’s and ‘ahhhh’s nice and loud during business, as there won’t be a yoga instructor present to whip you into better form. Happy winter yogiland!

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*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.


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