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5 Lesser-Known (But Pleasurable) Tips For How To Use Lube

There’s a lot to love about lube. Whether it be the satisfying texture in your hands or the pleasurable feelings it can cause during foreplay (or penetration), lubricants and pleasure gels have the personality of a smooth operator. Apply lube for condoms to enhance intimate, deep, and internal moments of pleasure, or try a couples & massage option* for a soothing, sensual pre-game activity. Just like your smartphone, lube is multi-purposeful!

If you’re using lube with a condom and want to know how to apply lube to the condom, it’s recommended that you check out our lubes comparison chart to see condom/lube compatibility and what to use as lube. Then, click on each individual product to view further instructions on how to use the lube you landed on. Explore the differences between water-based and silicone-based lubes, delve into exciting massage techniques and find whether you want to shop for her pleasure or his endurance in the realm of gels.

When you gel together, nothing feels better.

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How To Use Lube Beyond The Basics (Plus Some Recommendations For What To Use As Lube)

Close the curtains, and open the lubricant bottle, because it’s now time for the main event. While you may already know how to lube a condom or apply it to your hands and your partner’s back (or something more) for an extra special rubdown, there are 5 little-known secrets you need in on. These tricks will take you from lube lightweight to lube master champion with a bit of practice, whether it’s during moments of foreplay or any other time. Here’s to smooth sailing.

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1. Try It For Body Rubbing

As another massage technique, with or without your hands, squirt some lube, such as Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Guarana*, on your and your partner’s bodies (on areas like the back, stomach, chest, arms, and legs) for a glide-on-the-body ride, slip ‘n slide style. Get yourselves into position on a bed (with optional towels laid out) or a sturdy table and have one lubed up partner use their glistening form to incite pleasure by rubbing their body up and down their partner, lying flat. It’s your call whether you want face up or face down rubs. No matter the decision, you’ll be faced with some serious smoothness and anti-friction.

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2. Use It For Nipple Or Breast Stimulation

Another hot tip for how to use lube (that may not come to mind at first) is to apply some to your partner’s nipple tips or breasts and fondle them with your fingers. This can cause the nipples to become more hard and perky, leading to a process of ongoing arousal. For an added bonus, generously apply lube to the breasts to induce a partner with a penis to slip it in and out of the crevice created when boobs are squished together. The boss level of “motorboating”.

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3. Get To Know Its Warming Sensations

Do you know what to use as lube when you want to heat things up especially if you’re feeling too cool? Durex Warming Lubricant* is a silky, water-based option that provides thrilling warming sensations, capable of turning up the temperature in no time. If you want to feel the heat of the moment, this one’s a real contender. P.S. it’s good for oral, vaginal, and anal sex and can help ease vaginal dryness and discomfort. Use it as you desire, but please remember to read the product instructions.

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4. Heighten Orgasms With This Lube Trick

If you’re looking to add a little more pleasure to your male partner before they take off into the big O, use a few droplets of lube on their perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) to help elevate the experience. Before they orgasm, gently rub the lubricated perineum using your index or middle fingers to elicit an unhinged and perfectly wild reaction.

5. Make It Your Bestie In Solo Play

After looking at tips that include somebody else’s involvement, and lube for condoms, it’s key to remember you can use lube to masturbate and get off on your own. Forget the other lotions and prioritize the power of smooth lube. That being said, some lubes may not be compatible inside your erogenous zones. Always read and follow the product instructions before application.

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Go Make A Splash

That wraps up the rundown of the 5 lesser-known (but pleasurable) tips for using lube during moments of sexual spontaneity or planned episodes of passion. Stay wet out there, friends.

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*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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