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Looking to excite a woman? Or, if you’re a woman, want something more pleasing for yourself? Some of the best pleasure starts with foreplay – sexual acts that happen before penetration or intercourse. So, let’s get deeper, together.

“Be smooth” is an expression we hear all the time. The jury’s still out on whether it means “keep it up” or “be extremely cool” but, for us, it’s all about lube baby. With regard to foreplay, it’s important to keep an open mind about sexual experiences and ideas especially when it comes to pleasing her in bed. We recommend soaring to orgasmic heights with new & classic lubricants. Join the lubrication nation. But remember: lube is NOT a contraceptive.

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1. How Important Is Foreplay, Really?

Sexual relationships or moments of eroticism aren’t child’s play. Fulfilling both an emotional and physical purpose, foreplay helps ease both the mind and body by being the gateway love drug in becoming more comfortable for sex. Particularly in exciting a woman, foreplay is super important because it may take them longer to become aroused.

If you’re a woman or with a woman, don’t discount the art of fingering to stimulate more arousal. But to help pleasure her better during foreplay, we circle it back to the holy grail of smoothness: lube.

Durex Original, Durex Warming, and Durex Passion Cherry lube bottles on bedsheets.

2. How Lubes Contribute To Her Pleasure

When it comes to pleasing your wife, partner, or friend-with-benefit, you typically think of getting jewellery, cooking them a meal, doing house chores without being asked, getting flowers etc. but we suggest making women pleased through the power of lube.

Lubes make foreplay and sexual connections smoother, wetter and slicker, because they’re designed to reduce the friction and elevate the experience. Not only do they help pleasure women, but some lubes help ease vaginal dryness. And, when paired with Durex condoms*, they make for a highly protective sex extravaganza. Let’s take a dip into the lube pleasure pool.

For another pleasure resource, refer to Your Personal Guide To Lubricant Pleasure which helps clear the air about this helpful & handy substance.

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera laying next to bedroom essentials.

3. Exciting Durex Lubes Perfect For Women

Exciting a woman happens in many ways, but an underrated form of excitement begins with a good lubricant. Some are warmer, while others are cooler and more tingly – and another example is straight up super intense. Whether you’re looking for a water-based, silicone-based, or massage lube, or even a performance gel that can intensify her pleasure – Durex has all the wet options, so let’s dive in head first.

A hand pulls out Durex Warming Lubricant from an array of Durex lube options.

4. Original, Warming, Tingling, Flavourful

Starting off with a classic, Durex Original Lubricant* is light, water-based, and designed to help please her and make sex super smooth. If lube had a starter pack, this one would make the cut for sure. Perfect for pleasuring your wife, girlfriend, or partner(s).

Want to heat things up just a notch more? Durex Warming Lubricant* can get her more excited by its thrilling warming sensations meant for hot experiences. Its water-based, beautifully smooth, and silky formula helps turn up the heat and washes off easily when done.

On a crisper note, especially after some hot days, if you’re looking to cool off while pleasing her – Durex Tingling Lubricant* has the tantalising effect to create some chilling pleasure. Its tingling and zingy sensations can spark more moments of foreplay and its water-based formula washes right off.

Know any cherry stem tricks on your tongue? Well, we know one with Durex Passion Cherry Lubricant* – our cherry flavoured lube for fruity fun. Get her more excited about oral sex sessions and make intimate moments smell like cherries with this surprising and vibrant lube option.

These four lubes are all water-based, compatible with condoms, and good for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Pleasing her has never felt so versatile.

Want some good advice? Read The Hottest Tips On How To Use Lube During Foreplay for heightened pleasure tactics.

5. Pleasing Her With Massage Friendly Options

For couples or massage parties, why not pleasure her with a 2 in 1 body massage gel and personal lube? Durex has all the options that relax, ease, and maybe lead to something else afterwards… but we want to personally highlight the Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera*.

This foreplay staple has the power to please her because, not only can it be used to gently knead all those work-weary muscles and add motion to an all over body massage, it’s made with aloe vera which is great for soothing! Up for some sexual healing anyone?

Make sure to follow the instructions and packaging guidelines when choosing the right massage lube for you. Then please your wife or partner(s) with an erotic rubdown.

Two hands clasp each other tightly in bed.

6. For Extra Stimulating Experiences

This final option is designed to really excite a woman. Sometimes, in order to please her in bed, a bit of Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel* can make the clitoris angels sing. This particular gel increases sensitivity of her intimate areas for more intense pleasure and brings warming, cooling, and tingling sensations to life. It’s the ideal choice for women in foreplay activities and it can make her most intimate areas feel extra nice.

To add to the sweetness, check out the 6 Reasons Why It’s Not Rude To Lube for more smooth tips and important foreplay tactics.


7. Smooth Last Words

To end it with a bang (after the foreplay is all said and done), please her with one of these lubes and you’re in for a smooth ride beyond your wildest imagination. When it comes to inspiring chemistry matched with a great lubricant, nothing feels better.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

For anal sex, use additional lubrication (do not use Durex Play Tingling or Durex Yours + Mine® Couples Lubricants) on the outside of the condom.

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