When it comes to sex, adding a bit (or a lot!) of lubricant might be exactly what you need to spice things up! Not only can it make sex feel more comfortable, but the right personal lubricant can also give you the confidence to be more creative in the bedroom. Most importantly, it makes things more fun!

Here are 6 reasons why using lubricant can change your bedroom game for the better.

1. It gets things moving

Let’s face it: sex can be a little nerve-racking at times. Whether you’re getting intimate with someone new or have a lot on your mind that day, lube can help! It eases you into the moment, keeps things moving in the right direction, AND feels amazing, so you can relax and focus on being present.

2. It makes foreplay more fun

Adding a little lubrication before penetration is a great way to start off your sesh. There are tons of ways to use lubricant during foreplay, but we love a good sensual massage!

Set the scene with your favourite Spotify playlist, mood lighting, and massage gel or lubricant. Don’t know where to start? Try warming Durex 2-in-1 massage lubricant in your hands and slowly working your way up and down your partner’s body. We like to start with places that hold tension- like the shoulders neck and back- before moving to more intimate areas.

3. It can be used with sex toys

One of the things we love most about lube is its versatility! It’s great with one person, multiple people, or when you’re in the mood for a little “me-time.”

Applying lube to a vibrator can add a totally different dimension to masturbation, helping you explore new sensations, feelings and experiences when you’re solo, or experimenting with toys as a couple.

Note: Silicone-based lubricants can deteriorate soft rubber, so any silicone sex toy or vibrator will need a water-based lube.

4. It helps you last longer

As much as we all love a spontaneous quickie, nothing beats those long, passionate sessions where time and inhibitions go out the window.

To make sure chafing and dryness are in check, reach for your favourite lube! It helps keep things nice and fluid so you can go on for longer without drying out.

Find yourself finishing before your partner? Try Durex Real Feel Pleasure Gel to desensitize your penis and prolong your climax.

5. It can prevent condom breakage

The more slippery, the better! Lubrication helps to reduce friction, which is a key factor in condom breakage. If used correctly, condoms are 98% effective against unwanted pregnancy, so adding a little lube can provide extra pleasure AND protection. 

6. It's ideal for men & women

Whether you’re in a relationship or riding solo, lube is ideal for both women or men! Try massaging flavoured lube onto your partner before going down on them, or feel free to experiment with it on your own. Whatever you're into, we’ve got something for everyone! From lubes that tingle and tantalize*, to our silky smooth Real Feel Pleasure Gel, try them all!

*Please be sure to check the information in the package of your condoms of choice to be sure that they are compatible with this lubricant.

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