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We’re all about helping you enjoy really good sex.

And one surefire way to heighten the pleasure is by incorporating some lube into the action. You see, lube is always a good idea, and today, we’re going to talk specifically about how to use lube during foreplay.

Durex® lubes and pleasure gels* are perfect for every flavour of foreplay – from massage to intimate touching and all the erogenous zones in between.

But which foreplay lube should you choose?

And how exactly do they work?

Great questions. Let’s break down how to use lube as part of your foreplay, and along the way, we’ll help you figure out which lubes are best for each activity.

While we’re on the subject, discover 6 reasons why it's not rude to lube.

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1. For a sensual massage

Is there any better way to get in the mood than with a slow and relaxing massage? We don’t think so. And if you want to up the intimacy factor, you can try rubbing down with a multi-purpose massage lube like our 2 in 1 water-based lube*. It’s a gentle, smooth, and silky gel that can be used all over the body.

And we mean all over.

The great thing about these 2-in-1 styles is that, should the massage turn into something a little more intense, they’re equally effective at providing penetrative lubrication.

A warming* or tingling option is another stimulating way to incorporate lube into your foreplay. Use it to tease and caress each other, building up anticipation until you’re right on the edge. And speaking of hitting just the right spots…

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2. For the erogenous zones

Listen, we’d never turn down a back massage — but an even more pleasurable way to use lube during foreplay is to stimulate the erogenous zones for ultimate pleasure. Glide your hands over your partner’s body, exploring and stimulating their nipples, butt, pelvic area, and of course, their genitals. Which leads us to…

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3. For fingering & hand jobs

A little finger play is always fun during foreplay. But dry finger play? Not so much.

Opt for a silicone-based lube like our Durex Real Feel Pleasure Gel* on your fingers to enjoy a smooth and satisfying experience. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the clitoris – one of the main points of sexual pleasure for people who have them.

On the penis side, squeeze some on your palms and have fun massaging those ultra-sensitive areas — including their inner thighs and testicles (if they’re into that).

You’ll find a silicone-based fingering lube will last longer than water-based lubes, so you can go ahead and have some fun without having to stop and reapply (which can be a mood killer!). Bonus tip: a liberal amount goes a long way in making even beginners seem like bonafide experts when it comes to hand jobs and fingering.

Looking to finesse your skills? Check out our tips on how to finger a woman here.

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4. For anal play

Another opportunity to use lube before sex is for anal play, if both of you are down. Lube is always your friend when it comes to anal activities. We recommend going slow if this is new for you, and using a bit of lube on your finger to ease into things. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even bring a cheeky sex toy into the mix.

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5. For oral sex

That’s right! Lube can be an effective way to combat dreaded dry mouth during oral foreplay, too. It also just makes the experience that much more pleasurable for both parties — as long as you pick a lube that’s specially designed for the job. Flavoured lubes like our Durex Passion Play Cherry* let you indulge in the aroma and taste of cherries as you pleasure your partner. Don’t knock it till you try it!

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6. For sex toys

Sex toys are like foreplay microwaves — getting the party started fast and HOT, which is all the more reason to try adding some lube. For safety purposes, always pair them with a water-based lube. Just apply some to the outside of your vibrator or dildo for an extra smooth and stimulating sensation.

A couple kiss passionately in the shower.

7. For the shower

Most people wonder how to use lube in the shower, and the answer is finding a silicone-based lubricant that brings the wettest sensations.

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but remember: water is no substitute for lubricant. If you find yourself getting into some frisky foreplay action in the shower, a silicone-based option will ensure things stay wet in more ways than one.

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8. Lube puts the play in foreplay

Let’s recap what we’ve covered about how to use lube as a stimulating part of your foreplay:

  • Use it for a sensual massage all over
  • Explore the erogenous zones with a smooth touch
  • Make finger play more enjoyable for both parties
  • Incorporate it during anal play
  • Use it with your sex toys
  • Experiment with a flavoured lube for your oral adventures
  • Try it in the shower

We hope we’ve inspired you to try your hand (wink wink) at incorporating lube into your foreplay. It’s always a good idea to have lube handy, and we suggest experimenting with a few different kinds to discover what you like best. And don’t be shy to reapply!

Thinking about what comes next? Here's how to ask your partner for what you need to orgasm.

If you’re eager for even more tips and advice, keep exploring the blog. We’re thrilled to have you here!

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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