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Time For More Pleasure: Here’s How To Last Longer In Bed

Craving more intimate and prolonged sexy moments rather than just quickies? Here's some great advice on how to last longer in bed.

Prolonged sex can give all partner(s) a better sense of control – and can help both men and women achieve orgasms that reach new heights. Think of it as an orgasmic overnight flight.

Often, women may take longer to become aroused and require more stimulation than just penetration to achieve a gratifying climax. In saying this, a great way to last longer in bed for women is through clitoral play – which this article will unpack along with male points of pleasure. It’s a mutual feeling, and nothing feels better than mutual pleasure.

To continue on the topic of female orgasms, open up The Art of the Simultaneous Orgasm which sheds more light on prime pleasure tips for women (and men).

1. Become a Foreplay Fanatic

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The first tip to last longer in bed has to do with those moments that traditionally lead up to sex – called foreplay. However, those little moments can actually produce more sexual longevity and have the potential to please all parties at all hours. Examples of foreplay can include:

  • Sultry makeout sessions
  • Neck or nipple licking/stimulation
  • Dirty talking
  • Playing a tease-worthy sex game (we recommend card games with flirty prompts/suggestive messages)
  • Giving and receiving an erotic massage (these Durex lubes* can seriously help with those moments of play)
  • A strip tease to a sexy song

Incorporating some, if not all, of these foreplay activities are just a few ways to last longer in bed. Each creative, and non-penetrative, idea can amp up those pleasure sessions while leaving more room for ongoing arousal. Really take your time when using these foreplay techniques. Remember: there’s no rush when it comes to pleasure.

For more foreplay examples specific to different areas of the body, check out 7 Erogenous Zones You Need To Know For Ultimate Pleasure.

2. Sex Toys Are Your Friends With Benefits

Since we mentioned earlier how clitoral play can help her last longer in bed, try using a sex toy to assist with that touch. Adult toys have the capabilities to strengthen and span out bedroom entertainment because you’re not doing all the work yourself – a convenient gadget that works for you!

3. Vibrators

Durex vibrator sits on top of messy bed sheets, ready to play

Sex toys such as our Durex Intense Bullet vibrator* can provide more stimulation to the clitoris – helping her go longer during intimate play with a soft, powerful buzz. On the other side of the coin, this toy can provide added pleasure to his intimate areas – including the nipples, perineum (area between genitals and anus), or wherever else feels good.

4. Cock Rings

Durex cock ring on a bed sheet

Another toy that can help answer the question of, “How can I last longer in bed?” for men is a cock ring, such as our Durex Pleasure Ring*. This toy brings the penis extra joy, as it can help him stay harder for longer while also providing mutual pleasure. Getting positioned on top of a penis with a pleasure ring attached can lead to ongoing sensations for all.

Even if your hands grow tired, you can still feel excitable with a sex toy closeby.

5. Engage with Edging

A woman sits on top of a man while they kiss in bed.

To help you finish off on an edgy note, let’s introduce edging. Edging is the term loosely used to describe the feeling of being close to climaxing – but stopping just before release in order to preserve a more powerful orgasm later.

Wondering how to last longer in bed naturally? This frisky tactic can help you last longer in sex because it builds up pleasure early on, then holds it in to increase a more intense rush after. Masturbating is typically associated with edging, but you can edge yourself or your partner(s) to increase the sexual experience and make great sex last.

Want more tips on lasting longer during sex? Refer to our Twice is Nice: Tips For Going Again article that can propel even more extensive sexual moments.

Now, go ahead and try beating the world record for having the longest sex. We’re sure these tips on how to last longer in bed will benefit those experiences you just never want to end, and get you hyped for the next session. Nothing feels better than pleasure hour(s).

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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