Want to make things that much more winter sexy on snow days and frosty dates? Then you’ve landed on the right spot. This article can help you satisfy her and teach you how to drive her wild during the season that encourages indoor play. When the weather outside is frightful, make the fire of your love that much more delightful. If the outdoors are looking rough, you can make sex smooth. You get the point.

Nothing feels better than total intimacy, and these winter sex ideas get you even closer to your partner(s). Let us bring you more comfort, creativity, and coziness so that your seasonal plans can run in a copacetic fashion. And, who knows, maybe the heat between your bodies can end up melting some of the cold away? We’re not scientists, but we smell some chemistry afoot.

Two women looking into each other’s eyes while holding hands in bed.

1. How To Drive Her Wild In Wonderful Ways

During the most wonderful time of the year, it’s vital that she feels her most wonderful as well. And, yes, we mean sexually pleased and fully pleasured. See how you can drive her wild this winter with these following 10 ways while you amp up the winter sex plans. Don’t ice us out.

If you’re new to us, check out Myths and Facts About First Time Sex for most frequently asked sex questions answered.

Man surprising a woman with a hug from behind on a snowy day.

2. Get Cold Before The Act

Let’s start with an outdoor activity. We all know how soothing that feeling is when you return inside after being out in the cold. Why not experiment with that feeling right before you drive her wild in bed? Take a little stroll outdoors, make snowballs or snow angels together – then step back inside where you can mutually strip out of your heavy clothes and bundle up together. Trust us, it’s magic.

Woman laying on top of her partner in bed.

3. Embrace The Art Of Spooning

This is a great winter morning sex idea. Spooning keeps you warm and toasty, and it feels even better than applying layers of warm clothing. See how to drive her wild with multiple cuddling sessions and tight body language. She’ll feel driven by the skin-to-skin contact and sensational stability. Throw in a Durex® Couples & Massage Lube to amplify the erotic event with a fantastic body rub.

Person wearing socks rubbing the feet of their partner in bed.

4. Try It With Socks On

Thick, fuzzy socks are a wintertime staple and, though it may sound taboo, they can be left on during sex. Make it a winter sex idea to get her a fresh pair of knee-highs to warm up her feet and help her reach climax with a little added warmth.

Woman holding tea while her girlfriend is clutching a bouquet of flowers atop blankets.

5. Incorporate Teatime Into Playtime

Want to know how to drive her wild using a beverage? Brewing a hot cup of tea, sipping it, and swooshing it around in your mouth before performing oral sex on her can actually help drive her more wild. The warm feeling in your mouth can heat her up and make her feel all the more tingly. That’s the tea.

Inside of juicy grapefruit.

6. Prioritize Oral

As a continuation of the last winter sex idea, make sure you’re giving her a great amount of oral sex that can drive her wild. Keeping the oral sex interesting and natural comes from comfort, so make sure you’re in a relaxed position when going for pleasure producing licks. And you can stay under the covers while giving off more heat.

Two women sharing a blanket and holding mugs sneak a nose kiss.

7. Bring Extra Blankets In The Mix

When it’s freezing outside, what better way to get intimate indoors and keep her warm than with piling on the blankets? Explore how to drive her wild with a blanket fort so you can help keep sexy time more fun & playful while you get wrapped up in each other. This can also lead to fantastic winter morning sex.

Speaking of wrapping, make sure you’re keeping your presents in check by utilizing our Tips for Wrapping Your Package to create the best gift ever.

Two exposed sets of legs emerge from bed sheets.

8. Attempt New Sex Positions To Drive Her Wild

Lay on the sex moves to drive her wild with these two winter sex positions:

The Arachnid

Works perfectly post comfort meal. One partner sits on the bed and rests their back against the headboard or the wall while the other straddles them for a closer feeling of lovemaking.

The Click and Connect

This one’s all about a warm place to touch a woman and drive her wild. One partner sits using their arms for support behind them and their legs stretched open while the other partner backs onto their lap, facing away, and slowly sits into a penetrative position. Bonus points if you move one hand away to touch her all over.

Waking up together and trying these positions can lead to fulfilling winter morning sex.

Woman smiling over a text message as her phone screen lights up her face.

9. Tease Her Over Text

For the times you’re not physically together, send texts to drive her wild to build up the anticipation and sexual tension. Seasonally sexy texts can include, “Can’t wait to warm you up next week” or “Let me show you how to escape the winter blues…”. Use your bright imagination.

Nude couple holding each other close in the shower.

10. Share A Hot Bath Or Shower

See how to drive her wild with more substance. Crank up the heat and explore more intimate ways of getting together while getting wet. Nothing says warming up quite like one of these bathroom activities. Plus, you can try using our waterproof Durex® Intense Vibrating Bullet* while soaking up.

Durex® Warming Lubricant bottle melting a pile of snow.

11. Lube Up

The final idea on how to drive her wild comes from our slippery friends – play with an array of lubricants*. They’re great for sensual massages, foreplay tricks, and ultimate stimulation. We recommend the Durex® Warming Lubricant* as it helps ease the discomfort of vaginal dryness and makes winter moments hotter.


Two partners cuddling with a blanket wrapped over them on the truck of their car.

12. Driving It Home

There you have it for the holidays and beyond – a list of 10 ways to drive her wild on those freezing days and nights, when all you want to be doing is getting it on. So seize those lazy lounging moments with your partner(s) and take action together to naturally heat things up.

For more holiday magic, see 4 Ways to Make the Holiday Sparks Fly for more sexy ideas and comforting opportunities with your partner(s).

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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