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4 Ways to Make the Holiday Sparks Fly

Trying to spice up your holiday romance?

We don’t blame you.

There is just something so sexy about spending the holiday season with your partner.

The world seems to slow down a little bit, things get a whole lot cozier, and there is definitely a healthy dose of magic in the air this time of year.

But the holiday season can also be fleeting – one day you’re eating mince pies and all the chocolate, and the next, you’re stashing away decorations until next year.

That’s why it’s important to savour every minute of it, especially if you’re lucky enough to have someone special by your side.

Here are a few ways to instantly heat up your holiday time together…

1. Create a tradition together

Create a tradition together

Traditions are a big part of the holidays for many people. Of course, you can integrate your own favourite traditions into your plans, but why not create some new ones as a couple too? Some mood-setting ideas might include:

  • Driving around and looking at lights with warm drinks in hand

  • Getting a tree and decorating it

  • Baking cookies together

  • Watching your favourite holiday films 

  • Cooking a delicious and romantic holiday meal

Creating these traditions together is a great way to bond, and you can enjoy them together every year.

2. Try something brand new

Try something brand new in bed with your partner

One way to embrace the holiday season is by getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new with your partner.

This could mean an outdoorsy adventure like skiing or snowshoeing, learning a new skill together like cooking, yoga, or even candlemaking if you’re feeling ambitious.

Better yet, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom and try out some hot new positions?

(We won’t tell Santa.)

3. Unplug and reconnect

Unplug social medias and reconnect with your partner

The holidays are a great opportunity to take a break from technology (or at least limit your screen time). Contrary to popular belief, you can have amazing experiences without sharing them all over social media.

See how it feels to live life outside of a screen, and focus on being in the moment with your partner. You’ll likely find this helps strengthen your connection and deepen your intimacy. After all, communication is the best lubrication.

4. Get cozy and relax

Get cozy and relax with your partner

This is also a great time to slow down with your partner. Take a break from any busy workday demands, and treat yourself to some self-care as a couple.

You could have a bubble bath together (oh la la), light some candles and read some books, meditate, or enjoy a tranquil walk in nature.

And of course, we highly recommend taking advantage of any free time over the holidays to enjoy some “naughty” moments in the bedroom. Feeling more relaxed can help you experience more satisfying sex, a deeper connection, and a higher chance of orgasms for both of you.



Make it your holiday mission to invite fun and romance into your life this year. Slow down, unwind, and make special memories with your partner – inside and outside of the bedroom!

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