11 oral sex tips for pleasure like no other

There are very few things in life that compare to the intoxicating, ultra-stimulating experience of giving and receiving oral sex. It’s an intensely intimate experience to enjoy with your partner (or partners, whatever works for you).

But what is the best way to give and receive oral sex? While everyone has different kinks and preferences, there are some oral sex how-tos that, in our opinion, will give you the best chances of ensuring pleasure like no other for both partners. Here are 11 ways to make your oral sex adventures as pleasurable as humanly possible:

1. Pick a playlist

When it comes to sex, spontaneity is definitely exciting. However, sometimes a little prep work can pay off. Think about putting together a sexy playlist to get you in the mood (50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, anyone?). Music can have a huge effect on our mood and emotions.

It can also help you focus on the moment. We’ve all experienced our minds wandering during sex, and music can help deter these pesky orgasm-blocking thoughts. So, pop on your sexiest playlist of choice before things start getting hot and heavy with your partner. The music will help turn up the heat and have you feeling yourself in more ways than one. 

 A speaker on a bedside table ready to play music to enhance the oral sex experience

2. Play around a bit

Although the au natural approach can often be the best way to experience oral sex, toys can be a fun and frisky addition, too. Try our Intense Bullet and/or our Pleasure Ring for some extra pleasure and stimulation.

 Two people in bed, experiencing maximum pleasure thanks to our oral sex tips.

3. Check in with your partner

While not everyone likes a chatterbox during sex, communication can play a key role in experiencing oral sex pleasure like no other. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, check in with your partner to find out how they feel.

Do they want it softer or harder? Do you want it faster or slower? Voicing these thoughts can even add to the experience – talking dirty can be super hot!

couple in bed voicing their thoughts during oral sex

4. Make it last a little longer

Here’s another sex tip for oral pleasure to add to your toolbelt. If and when your partner starts to orgasm, that’s great! But don’t abort the mission immediately. Give them a moment to regain their composure, then ask if they want to keep going for a second round.

Females can experience multiple orgasms in one session, and men can go wild when you continue to lightly stimulate the penis after their orgasm.

A person in bed, in the midst of complete oral sex ecstasy.

5. Involve the whole body

Although the genitals are clearly the focus during oral sex, don’t neglect the rest of the body. Touch your partner everywhere – run your hands all over their body and use your tongue on other parts of them too. Incorporate licking and sucking their ears, neck, and thighs to intensify the experience.

Did you know there are erogenous zones around the body from head to toe? Discover 7 of them here. 

A man focusing on other parts of the woman’s body by kissing her neck 

6. The wetter the better

One of the best sex tips for oral pleasure is to keep things wet. There are a few ways to do this. Keep some water close by, and try chewing gum beforehand to stimulate your saliva production. You can also add in some oral-safe lube, like Durex Play Passion Cherry, for an unexpected twist on oral sex.

A person grabbing the bed sheets, in the midst of an orgasm.

7. Compliment your partner

Oral sex can be a vulnerable experience for some people. Insecurity about bodies, noises, smells and tastes can get in the way of truly unleashing your full potential for pleasure. So, make sure you give your partner some positive feedback about how they look and taste and how good they make you feel when it’s your turn to be pleased. These positive vibes can go a long way in making everyone feel relaxed and ready for release.

A male couple in bed, preparing to try our oral sex tips for ultimate pleasure.

8. Consider using a condom

STIs can definitely be transmitted during oral sex, so if you’re having oral sex, you’ll want to use a condom. We recommend Durex Tropical flavoured condoms. You can choose from four tasty flavoured condoms to suit your mood. Yum. And hey, it’s very likely these bad boys will only serve to spice up your oral sex fun while still keeping things safe – a win-win.

Not sure how to ask your partner to wear a condom? Here's some advice.

A man holding a condom preparing for oral sex

9. Switch up your position

We can often get stuck in a rut of the tried and true oral sex positions – on your knees or laying on the bed. But one of the best ways to max out oral sex pleasure is to mix up your position. Women can try laying on their stomachs while their partner pleasures them from behind, face-sitting for both men and women, standing (bonus: works great in the shower), or 69 for orgasms all around.

There’s a whole world of oral sex position inspiration out there, so take a look and see what you like – you might even get turned on during the process. Changing things up like this will help you find what maxes out your pleasure most, and taking in these different views of your partner’s body can also be really exciting for everyone involved.

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A couple getting ready to spice up their sex life.

10. Location, location, location

Along with trying new positions, another tip for oral sex is to venture outside the bedroom. It can be very sexy to go down on your partner in a new space. Surprise them while you’re watching TV and try oral sex on the couch, or go down on them while they’re in the middle of making dinner. And, of course, oral sex in the shower is always a surefire way to make things hot and steamy.

A couple about to have sex while making dinner

11. Try a change of pace

Cruise control is not always preferred when it comes to the best way to enjoy oral sex. In other words, sticking with one speed the whole time is not the road to ultimate pleasure. So alternate your speed, depth and intensity throughout the oral sex experience. Tease your partner by slowing down and then speeding things up – they might enjoy it when you pick up the pace as they get closer to orgasming.

Oral sex is awesome – that’s a pretty widespread opinion. And now it’s time for you to make it even more awesome and experience pleasure like no other. So go ahead – take in these sex tips for oral pleasure, add your own touch, and have fun!

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A couple in bed, thinking it would be a good idea to have amazing oral sex.