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4 Myths About Condoms That Just Aren’t True

Do condoms decrease pleasure? Is two better than one? Can I get an STD from oral? These are just some of the most common questions we hear about when it comes to condoms — and Durex is on a mission to clear up some important misinformation about safe sex.

So today, we’re going to highlight (and bust) 4 of the biggest myths about condoms. Hopefully it provides some peace of mind, and encourages you to find your fit!

1. MYTH: Sex with condoms doesn't feel good.

Do condoms reduce sensitivity? Depending on what kind you're using, sure — there can be a slightly reduced sensation compared to direct contact during sexual intercourse. But it’s usually just a matter of finding your right fit. If you’re using a condom that’s too tight, it can actually reduce nerve sensation; too big, and you risk slippage.

Use our Find Your Fit tool to figure out which condom is best for you. If reduced sensitivity is a primary concern, we suggest trying out a Durex condom style that’s specifically designed to maximize sensation — like Durex Real Feel condoms, which uses latex-free material to mimic skin-on-skin contact, or Durex Sensi-Thin condoms made with an ultra thin design that follows your shape for enhanced sensitivity. Try experimenting with different styles and we bet you’ll find a safe sex solution that doesn’t feel like a compromise.

2. MYTH: You don't need condoms for blowjobs.

Pop quiz time: can you get an STD from oral sex? And if so, do you need a condom for oral sex? The answer to both questions is yes. Even if you aren’t engaging in sexual intercourse, you can still transmit and receive an infection. So, it's always in your best interest to protect both parties by using a condom during oral — especially in casual sex situations.

Better yet, try out a flavoured condom style like Durex Tropical featuring strawberry, apple, orange, and banana condom flavours to engage even more of your senses while you’re treating your partner.

3. MYTH: Putting on condoms ruins the mood.

Not if you’re confident doing it. When you really think about it, this should be one of the most exciting moments of foreplay, because you know things are about to get even hotter.

But if you're worried about losing steam while you put on your condom, or anxious about having difficulties getting it on properly — try practicing solo to get the hang of it before your big date. A few test runs will allow you to work through the kinks, and you’ll feel way more confident next time you’re about to have safe sex.

If you’ve got the application part down to a science but still feel like it’s killing the vibe, why not ask your partner to help...maybe with their mouth? Just throwing it out there. Another great way to stay turned-on is to engage in some dirty talk while putting on your condom; use your words to describe what (or who) is about to come next, and you won’t miss a beat.

4. MYTH: Two condoms are better than one.

You might be wondering: how durable are condoms? And should I double up in case one breaks? That’s a hard no, folks (pardon the pun) and this is one myth that needs to be busted forever — unlike Durex products, which are 5x tested for maximum safety and specifically designed for single usage.

In fact, using two condoms at once actually increases the likelihood that one will break since the materials are rubbing against each other creating unnecessary friction. Not to mention the fact that you’d be losing sensation by using two condoms at once.


Are there any other myths about condoms that you want us to help clear up? Connect with @DurexCanada on social media and DM us with your questions, and we’ll give you the facts!


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