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The struggle to find the right fit condom is real. Sometimes, you may think you have your precious dimensions nailed just by personal instincts or estimation. But, just guessing your condom size is as good as wishful thinking.

When it's time to get in on the action, it's crucial to know what size condom is right for you, to have the most protected and pleasurable sex.

Nothing feels better than knowing what size condom to buy, getting it on seamlessly, and going to pleasure town.

To learn more about Durex condom fit properties, check out Better Fit = Better Feel - What Condom Size Should You Buy?

1. What if my condoms aren’t fitting me properly or pleasurably?

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If you’re experiencing the condom blues, it’s highly likely that the condoms you’re using just don’t fit right. Check out our Find Your Right Fit tool to better help you with your condom choice!

Trust us – there’s nothing less sexy than being in the mood, pumped for pleasure, then looking down to realize that the condom size you choose doesn’t match up with your penis size.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to turn this sexual nightmare into a sexual re-awakening. It’s a solution that just fits.

Let’s go over the signs of ill-fitting condoms, understand how our condoms are measured in width, and show our condom size chart to help you better choose your best fit.

2. You might have an ill-fitting condom

A graphic on a blue background, depicting three radiating circles and the text "close fit", "L" and "XL" in white.

There’s very little pleasure in a condom that just doesn’t fit right. Performance and safety are both at risk, and the likelihood of facing unwanted STIs or pregnancy may become a greater risk.

Your perfect condom size should feel ‘snug’ and comfortably sit over your entire penis – leaving a little room at the tip for air and semen storage.

But before we get into choosing what size condoms would suit you best, here’s a quick list of ill-fitting condom qualities you want to avoid:

  • Too loose - if your condom tends to slip off or feel too baggy
  • Too tight - if you feel like your penis is being choked by an uncomfortable squeeze
  • Too long - if the condom rolls up the shaft, which can leave it hanging off the penis
  • Too short - the condom ring can run the risk of being pulled off, leading to condom ineffectiveness

Know the signs of an ill-fitting condom before you have sex using one!

3. You may only be measuring your penis length, not width

Graphic banana diagram of correct measuring direction

Length vs. width is a huge topic within the world of penis measurements, and some people may also have separate concerns about their own personal penis size and performance.

But not to worry, we have a condom suited for every size and shape!

When you choose your particular size, it’s important to know your width (also known as girth) to accurately fit the most effective condoms. The Durex condom size guide measures condoms through Nominal Width (mm) – meaning how wide your penis is as opposed to how long it is.

Along with choosing your condom lubrication levels and thinness, knowing the girth of your penis when picking the perfect size condom is key to ultimate pleasure & protection.

For more on how to measure your penis girth so you can fit the condom of your wet dreams, check out The Right Girth Fit.

4. Choosing the right condom style

Different varieties of Durex condoms in wrappers.

Durex offers a wide range of condoms that are versatile in sizes, sensations, and stimulations. When choosing a condom, there are 3 main things to consider:

Graphic with the words

Condom size is determined by "girth" (not length). You want a snug fit that isn't loose or too tight.

Graphic on an orange background with the text "how wet?" in purple.

Some like it wetter than others. Choose "extra lubrication" for smoother sensations.

Purple text that reads "how thin" on an orange background with a graphic of different-sized lines.

Thinner can enhance the feeling. Choose the right thickness to get the right amount of feeling.

Durex Sensi-Thin Close Fit packshot next to sizing ring icon lighting up the regular condom size.

Speaking of thinness, Durex Sensi-Thin Close Fit are ultra thin. They’re our best condoms for feeling extra close and our best condoms for sensitivity. They come in a new regular size and maximize feelings of closeness to your partner(s) with a high level of protection. If you’re looking for a size narrower than our Large Sensi-Thin Product, Close-Fit may be for you.

Still wondering, ‘what condom size and style is right for me’? Check out our Find Your Right Fit tool to better help you with your choice!

5. Quick recap

Knowing how to find the right condom size shouldn’t be a mystery, it should be a sexual discovery! Always keep in mind that the right condom fit is about width, not length. And there’s a better fit for you waiting in our wide selection of Durex condoms.

After learning the qualities of an ill-fitting condom, knowing the difference between length vs. width, and seeing Durex protection in full display in our condom guide, it’s time you find that perfect fit for a sexier, more pleasurable, and well protected sexual experience.

Want more condom info? We’ve got just the tips for you in our Everything You Need To Know About Condoms article that packs some pretty sexy tips!

If you’re eager for even more tips and advice, keep exploring the blog. We’re thrilled to have you here!

Durex is the WORLD’S #1 CONDOM BRAND*

*Based on Global Nielsen Unit Share Data through August 2022; with over 80 years of experience, Durex offers affordable protection against pregnancy and STDs and is trusted by millions around the world every day. Please read and follow the label.

Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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