In the real world, bodies come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and it’s no different when it comes to penises. Luckily, so do our condoms – and it’s really important to find one that fits you.

Choosing the right condom size not only means you’ll be having safer sex – protected against STIs and unwanted pregnancies – but it’ll also feel better for you and your partner (or partners).

Durex condoms are designed to fit to different penis sizes and will stretch to fit different lengths and widths, while still leaving space at the tip for when you ejaculate. However, you might find that not all condoms fit you quite right. Whether it’s too long, too short, too tight or too loose, wearing the wrong size can damage the condom or cause it to fall off – stopping it from doing its job.

If a condom is too long, it can roll off your penis during sex and hang off the end. This not only stops it working but can ruin the moment when you have to pause and swap it. On the other hand, if it’s too short, the ring (at the bottom of the condom) could snap while you’re going at it and the condom can be pulled off. Simply put, wearing a condom that fits you properly increases its effectiveness and your pleasure.

The perfect fit

So, what should you be looking – and feeling – for? Your best condom choice should feel ‘snug’ and comfortably sit over the full length of your penis, with a little room for air at the tip. When a condom fits just right, it should stay intact and in place until you’re done with it.

Too loose?

If you feel that your condom always slips off or feels baggy, you should have a look at a slightly snugger option like our Durex Invisible Condoms, our thinnest condom ever made. With a width of 52mm (rather than 56mm), they also offer enhanced sensitivity during sex.

Too tight?

If your condoms always feel uncomfortably snug, you may want to try a different shape. Durex Originals/Sensi Creme condoms feature an easy-on shape for more comfortable feel and great sensitivity. Try them out and see if it helps.

Think about thinness

A thinner condom can also improve your pleasure. Durex Sensi Thin condoms offer the same high level of protection while helping you feel closer to your partner during sex – and they’re 100% electronically tested with 5 more quality tests carried out on every batch.

Condom smoothness

Condom smoothness refers to the lubrication of your condom. Our condoms come pre-lubricated, some of them extra lubricated, meaning that as soon as you open the pack and safely put your condom on, you are ready to get down to business.

Remember, a better fit means better safety and better sex.


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