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Find Your Fit: The Best Condom Styles Explained

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the condom aisle can feel a little overwhelming at times. What size? What shape? What flavour? The truth is, there’s lots of great condom types out there — and what works for one person might not be for everyone else.

Ultimately, your best condom will be one that rolls on easily, fits comfortably, and feels great for both you and your partner during safe sex. And here’s the good news: there’s almost definitely more than one style that will work for you. So, we suggest you do a little bit of experimentation. But where to start?

It all depends on what you’re looking for:

1. Just getting started?
Try our Best Selling Condoms

When you’re new to sex, it’s always good to start simple. Before we dive into all the fancy bells and whistles available to you, you might just find that a tried-and-true style like Durex Originals condoms provides all the comfort and sensation you need. They’re made with natural latex and extra silicone lube for easy gliding. Once you get the hang of these, you can begin exploring some more creative options...

2. Want more sensation?
Try Ultimate Thin Condoms

If you’re finding that the condom thickness of other styles is causing you to lose too much sensation during sexual intercourse, you might want to try something with an even closer fit — like our Durex Invisible condoms. This straight walled design creates a sleek, extremely close fit. But don’t worry: condom thinness doesn’t mean less protection. In fact, these Durex condoms are 100% electronically tested with 5 more quality tests carried out on every batch. 

3. Want to last longer?
Try Performance Condoms

Different condom materials and lubricants can not only heighten the pleasure — they can also help improve your sexual performance. A great example is our Durex Mutual Climax condoms, which have ribs and dots to heighten her pleasure, and an enhanced lubricant that slows him down for longer lasting pleasure. If stamina isn’t an issue, we suggest something like our Durex Intense condoms, made made with gel lube for warming, cooling and tingling sensations.

4. Orally inclined?
Try Flavoured Condoms

Engaging your sense of taste (and smell) is a great way to heighten the excitement, and flavoured condoms are just as effective at protecting you from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. They’re also great for oral sex. Just make sure the condom is properly rolled all the way to the base of the penis before the action begins. If you’re interested, try a pack of Durex Tropical condoms, which include four condom flavours in a single box: strawberry, banana, orange and apple. You’ll never look at a fruit bowl the same way again.  

5. Need a different shape?
Try Fitted Condoms

No two penises are quite the same — so it’s unrealistic to expect that one condom shape will work for everyone. If you’re having issues with putting condoms on, staying on, or just want a little extra room at the head, you might want to try a style like Durex Love that features an easy-on design for a more comfortable feel.

6. Want to experiment?
Try Pleasure Mix

Variety is the spice of any great sex life, so don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to one condom style! Our Durex Pleasure Mix 12 pack features three unique designs you can choose from depending on the mood. Whether you want extra stimulation, closeness, or heightened sensitivity, you’ll always know you’re protected with Durex. 

Lots to explore, right? And that’s just the lubricated tip of the iceberg. You can discover even more condom sizes, shapes, and styles on the Durex website.

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