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Is Sex In A Hot Tub A Sexy Date Night Idea?

As the nights get colder, and you have access to a hot tub, you may be wondering if you can in fact get freaky while submerged in one. The long and short of it is, you can engage in sexual activity while in a hot tub – but there are other risks attached. In order for the experience to be more pleasurable than worrisome, here are some suggestions to help guide you.

While it can pose as a romantic couple bath idea in theory, practice could be a whole other ballgame. You will want to make sure you’re in a private tub and not a public bath, limiting the risks of other things (or people) floating in the water next to you. And in order to engage safely in sex in a hot tub, you’ll have to remember a few other pointers to keep your head above water. Nothing feels better than soaking up more information.

How To Navigate Having Fun In A Hot Tub

Man in robe feeding his girlfriend a bowl of fruit as she sits in a hot tub.

With so much temptation in the air before stepping into a hot tub with your partner(s), you can find yourself turned on by the prospect of getting down and dirty in the jacuzzi. But cool your jets for a moment because there’s pros and cons, as well as tips, to know about before entering the pleasure waters. Let’s indulge in some steaming hot knowledge together.

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1. Prioritize Non-Penetrative Sex In A Hot Tub

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Above and below water, it’s imperative that you make sure the condom doesn’t slip off during sex – so it’s suggested you use a water-based or silicone lubricant to help (even during sexy showertimes). It’s highly suggested that you refrain from actual penetrative sex in a hot tub and instead try other forms of foreplay/pleasure.

Sexy alternatives that can suffice (with your swimsuits on) are hard makeout sessions, grinding and getting close to one another – stimulating other parts of the body like the nipples, feet, or lips for example. Teasing each other in the hot tub can lead to penetrative playtime after drying off (or while still wet) inside the house.

2. Hot Tub Pleasure Pros

Two people kissing in a steamy hot tub across from a mountainous view.

Because it’s still a hot idea, let’s list some hot tub sexy date night ideas that might make you drown in pleasure:

  • Use the jets to amp up the foreplay - due to the high-powered pressure that comes out of the jacuzzi jets, you can move your body parts closer to the jet stream to add more sensations to the mix
  • Take advantage of the buoyancy - since your bodies will feel more weightless in the tub, explore different ways of moving up to each other and playing with the depth perception
  • Turn up the heat factor - if you or your partner’s hot tub is easily temperature adjustable, try making it a little hotter inside so you can start taking it off a little quicker

3. Hot Tub Pleasure Cons

Woman splashing jacuzzi water at her laughing partner in a hot tub.

Without explicitly deterring you from engaging in sex in a hot tub, even if it’s a hot tub blowjob, other oral sex, or fingering, you should be aware of these risks that can happen naturally:

  • Since water is drying and can wash away lubricants from your fingers or other intimate areas, be aware of microtears that can happen from friction on the vaginal or anal lining - to help reduce this from taking place and to add more smoothness, try Durex Real Feel*, Durex’s best lube for hot tubs that won’t wash away as quickly as other water-based lubes and can help ease vaginal dryness and discomfort
  • STIs and/or pregnancy can still be a risk if skin-to-skin contact isn’t protected
  • Condoms have the chance of becoming looser or slipping off when in water, which ultimately reduces its intended effective purpose - if you’re going to apply a condom for a sexy hot tub session, put it on before getting in the hot tub or use it for hot tub blowjobs outside the rim of the tub

Did you know? Durex offers a latex-free condom choice! Read Latex Condom Allergy - What You Need To Know for better help.

4. Hot Tips To Remember

Couple having a glass of red wine in a hot tub with candles around the edge.

After exploring the pros and cons of sexy fun in a hot tub, there’s a few other tips to remember before taking the plunge:

  • This one goes without saying, but DON’T hot tub hop into strangers’ jacuzzis and please keep the action private for the sake of all things legal
  • Try incorporating a waterproof sex toy, like the Durex Intense Bullet* vibrator for extra waves of stimulation
  • Experiment with more oral sex positions on the ledge of the hot tub where one partner is deep inside the tub giving oral while the other remains sitting on the outside ledge, with their feet still in the water

Want some help with sex toy maintenance? Look at Tips On How To Clean Sex Toys For Proper And Safe Reuse for more squeaky clean experiences to cum.

The Cool Down

Two partners hanging out on the edge of an indoor hot tub.

After listening to this hot tub information, it’s up to you how you next want to approach your fantasies and get freaky in the wet relaxation chamber. Just note that underwater sexual activity can pose a risk if not fully protected, so please ensure you use your head even when your feet are drenched. Have a safe and sexy tubby time!


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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