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A quick guide to oral sex - By Karine

First of all, oral sex is part of preliminaries, but it’s also a sexual activity in itself. Before engaging in oral sex for the first time, you sho...
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A quick guide for a successful first date - By Karine

Honestly, this is the best advice for a successful first date. The ideal scenario just doesn’t exist. There’s no perfect activity, place, clothing;...
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A quick guide to sexting - By Karine

Many of us have indulged in the art of sexting during the pandemic. Many of us have also discovered that it’s not as simple as you’d think, and it ...
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A Quick Guide to the Perfect French kiss - By Karine

Your first French kiss probably won’t be like in the movies: your summer crush, romantic music in the background and an incredible view of the ocea...
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A Quick Guide to Cunnilingus - By Karine

If you’re wondering how to give great oral sex, you’re definitely not going to find your answers in porn. My practical cunnilingus tips and tricks ...
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