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From first-time sex to masturbation and protection — we'll teach you everything you need to know.

A quick guide for a successful first date - By Karine

A QUICK GUIDE FOR A SUCCESSFUL FIRST DATE Don’t put too much pressure on yourself Be yourself  Listen  Be positive  Come prepared Honestly, this ...
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A quick guide to sexting - By Karine

A QUICK GUIDE TO SEXTING Know the person in real life  Ask before you start  Agree on sexy photos (if you’re using them) and whether they will be ...
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A Quick Guide to the Perfect French kiss - By Karine

A QUICK GUIDE TO THE PERFECT FRENCH KISS Be in the moment. Slow and gentle. Swirl your tongue around. Vary the intensity. Tease with your tongue. ...
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A Quick Guide to Cunnilingus - By Karine

A QUICK GUIDE TO CUNNILINGUS Ask your partner what they like Be attentive Different motions Different speeds Tease a little Enjoy yourself If you...
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