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A Quick Guide to the Perfect French kiss - By Karine

Your first French kiss probably won’t be like in the movies: your summer crush, romantic music in the background and an incredible view of the ocean. But if it is (and I wish you all the best in this regard), even better!

Wherever your first makeout session takes place, be prepared to enjoy it to the max and make sure it feels great. Because seriously, making out is life!

1. So, how can you make it enjoyable?

You need to be 100% in the present moment. There’s no use thinking about what you look like, or about your homework, or what your friends will think or anything else. ENJOY the moment!

2. Start off slowly and gently.

Take your time. Sensuality is what makes a French kiss sexy.

3. Swirl your tongue in circles.

When I say move your tongue around, I don’t mean constantly making circles in the other person’s mouth. No. What I mean is: trust your instincts. What do you want to feel when you French kiss someone? The other person wants to feel that, too.

4. Vary the intensity.

Sometimes get more intense in your movements and the pressure of your tongue and mouth. You can also vary your intensity in holding your partner and pulling them against you.

5. Let your hands explore while you hold your partner close.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. It all comes down to how you use your hands and arms to touch and hold your partner. Explore your partner’s body, squeezing and caressing them sensually. Run your hands along their back, touch their hips, pull them against you. Press your hands or lips into their neck or hair.

Making out should always be enjoyable and fully consensual. 

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