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Where Is The G-Spot? The Point Of Pleasure

The most pleasurable letter of the alphabet is G. Discovering this from a sexual standpoint can lead to a more stimulating and fulfilling experience, whether it be from your own touch or in the hands of your partner(s). Consider it like hidden treasure – hard to see from the naked eye but, once spotted, difficult to let go of. Kinda like gold. But, where is the G-spot exactly?

It may differ in locations depending on the type of person, and some may not be able to hit it at all. In order to learn how to find the G-spot, try to focus on an internal part of your body that you may have never been acquainted with before. You’re a real G, so let’s let you in on the info. Nothing feels better than hitting the spot.

How To Find The G-Spot

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Thought to be internally located, the G-spot serves as a (sometimes) uncharted territory that can lead to thrills beyond your wildest imagination and can be an enigmatic erogenous zone that holds the key to satisfaction. Where is the G-spot? Fellow pleasure-seekers, you may soon be able to find the intimate landscape of human anatomy where stimulation knows no bounds. Keep reading to find out where the female G-spot can dwell.

Where Is The Female G-Spot?

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Possibly part of the clitoral network, the G-spot in women can be among the clitoris – where the inner labia and the tip of the clit meet. It’s recommended to explore and massage the vagina using your fingers (even with the help of a lube like Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Guarana*) and lift upward towards your belly button to try and see if new sensations arise. If you soon feel stimulated, you may have located your G-spot.
If you need additional tips on the art of entering with your hands, check out Fingering & Sex: How To Finger A Woman for best practices.
After knowing where the G-spot may be in women, you can try stimulating it by:
  • Participating in foreplay-related activities like fingering, licking, and massaging inside the vagina to create a greater sense of arousal
  • Trying a toy like the Durex Intense Bullet* around the surrounding areas to see if it perks up the clitoris
  • Giving sex positions like doggy style or cowgirl a better go because they allow for deeper penetration and can ultimately hit that G thang

For other simple pleasure positions that can help you better locate the G-spot with penetration, check out Easy Sex Positions For Everyone To Try. 

Who Created The G-Spot Term?

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Knowing now where the G-spot may be, how to potentially find G-spots, and how to go about stimulating them, it’s time for a fun fact about the origin of this sensual term. Named after Ernst Gräfenberg in the 1950s, a German physician who was steadfast in developing the IUD, wrote about the erotic zone in his study titled: The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm. Years later, Dr. Beverly Whipple claimed to coin the famous term due to her advocacy towards female pleasure, autonomy, and sexuality. From the hands and research of these pioneers, the G-spot is now yours to discover.

Did That Hit The Spot?

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“Where is the G-spot” is a question you may now be able to answer. It’s true that women can experience these wonders found inside their body, if touched and stimulated properly. Now go on and experiment with the most sensitive parts of yourself that can elicit the most natural human responses – the big O’s. 

Need help reaching that O with your lover(s)? Get some advice in How To Ask Your Partner For What You Need To Orgasm.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use. 

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