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4 Myths About Condoms That Just Aren’t True

Do condoms decrease pleasure? Is two better than one? Can I get an STD from oral? Keep reading to clarify your biggest questions about condoms.
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Find Your Fit: The Best Condom Styles Explained

Trying to figure out what the best condom style is for you and your partner? There’s something for everyone, and every kind of sensation. We break ...
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Better Fit = Better Feel – What Condom Size Should You Buy?

Wondering what condom to buy? There are plenty of styles, sizes, feels, flavours, and shapes to choose from – and Durex will help you find your fit.
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How to have safe sex

Sex is pretty fun, right? It’s exciting, it feels good, and it can help us grow closer with our partner. Of course, when it comes to sex we’re all ...
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Everything you need to know about condoms

STI’s have increased dramatically in the last few years (Public Health Agency of Canada, n.d.), so it’s always a good idea to be safe and carry a c...
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