Collection of blue wrapped presents with ribbons.

Gift Wrap Your Package With These Tips

Whether it be the holidays, or anytime you feel like wrapping a gift for a special someone, these gift wrapping tips can help you transform a toy into an art piece. No matter if you’re wrapping a large box, a smaller package, or anything in between, this gift wrapping tutorial is perfect for presents of all shapes and sizes. After giving a gift like this, who knows - maybe you’ll even get a gift back (if you know what we mean). To add to the gift wrap excitement, check out Christmas Date Ideas That Help Heat Up The Pleasure for more ideas to do together. Afterall, nothing feels better than mutual enjoyment.

Now That You Know How To Wrap A Gift

Easy, right? Now you know how to wrap a present in the most pleasurable way. If you still don’t think you have the touch for it, remember that it doesn’t have to be so difficult. There’s always an easy way to wrap gifts, so you can worry less about making the present look sexy and more about the look on their face when you hand it to them.

For some, getting gift wrapping tips may only be the beginning of a long list of questions surrounding exchanging love in a relationship (or a situationship). For more advice on how to better please from the perspective of someone with a woman, see How To Please A Woman During Foreplay Using Durex Lubes for smoother tips.

Of course, gift-giving is only one form of showing affection (which falls under the ‘gifts’ love language). There are multiple other ways to be sentimental towards your partner(s) and show them you care, such as:

  • Giving them words of affirmation (reminding them how beautiful or sexy they are, depending on what sounds natural)
  • Providing acts of service (going above and beyond to make someone else feel love, like tending to them at night)
  • Spending quality time with them (taking them out on one-on-one dates, watching a bingeable show together, etc.)
  • Prioritizing physical touch (need we say more… just make sure you remember safety = pleasure)

Apart from learning how to wrap a gift for your partner(s), those are all positive ways to extend the pleasure.

Need more positivity? Explore What Is Sex Positivity? The Benefits Of Having A Sex Positive Life for open-minded insights.

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